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adjacentpossible 178 HN points 09 Jun 22
A journey to the Library Of Congress reminds me that tools for thought and the information commons do not just belong to the world of software.
adjacentpossible 171 HN points 16 Apr 22
Are Large Language Models like GPT-3 showing signs of emergent intelligence? And can we train them to become good citizens?
adjacentpossible 164 HN points 30 Apr 22
Elon Musk is going to learn the hard way that Twitter is a political and sociological problem, not an engineering one.
adjacentpossible 149 HN points 19 Jul 22
Software “tools for thought” can amplify your thinking, but sometimes the secret to a creative workflow is as low-tech as it gets: going for a stroll.
adjacentpossible 142 HN points 27 Feb 22
The Ukraine conflict offers a crucial test for war in the information age: Can you deplatform a rogue nation into military surrender?
adjacentpossible 121 HN points 13 Jul 22
Can we get better at anticipating the unintended consequences of new technology?
adjacentpossible 99 HN points 25 Jun 22
The creation of Disney's masterpiece, Snow White, gives us a preview of what may be coming with AI algorithms sophisticated enough to pass for sentient beings
adjacentpossible 99 HN points 21 Mar 22
In the latest installment of my series on creative workflows, we turn to what may be the most important question of all: how do you turn hunches and reading notes into new ideas?
adjacentpossible 85 HN points 31 May 22
Some thoughts on the temporal rhythm of a creative workflow—and a fantastic new software tool for creating timelines.
adjacentpossible 85 HN points 20 Apr 22
Put aside the question of whether machines are capable of understanding the world—the more relevant question right now is whether they are capable of explaining it.
adjacentpossible 84 HN points 10 Dec 21
From untidy desks to post-it notes to the brewery next door—so much of the creative process is about being open to happy accidents. But how do you make them more likely to happen?
adjacentpossible 84 HN points 13 Jan 22
Our ancestors may have shifted back and forth between different work routines and social structures, often in tune with the seasons. Would that be a better way to live?
adjacentpossible 77 HN points 31 Dec 21
Some gratitude for the year just ending, particularly for the readers of Adjacent Possible—and a small dash of optimism about the future.
adjacentpossible 70 HN points 02 Dec 21
The new six-hour film about the Beatles "Let It Be" sessions offers a thrilling portrait of creativity under pressure. But its real lesson is the importance of the slow road.
adjacentpossible 70 HN points 22 Dec 21
With Omicron rising, and new antivirals on the way, we need to remind ourselves that inventing life-saving treatments is only half the solution.
adjacentpossible 70 HN points 07 Jan 22
In the latest installment of my series on workflows for creative thinking, I ask a simple question: “How do you surprise yourself?”
adjacentpossible 64 HN points 09 Mar 22
Most people discounted the possibility of a viral pandemic sweeping the world and killing millions—until it happened. Are we making the same mistake again about the threat posed by nuclear weapons?
adjacentpossible 64 HN points 13 May 22
For all their talents, neural nets have a strange unwillingness to say three simple words: “I don’t know.”
adjacentpossible 49 HN points 19 Nov 21
How do you retain and remix ideas from other people’s minds? A 300-year-old productivity hack might be the key. Part two of a series on designing a workflow for thinking.
adjacentpossible 49 HN points 23 Nov 21
Killer asteroids, zombie viruses, rogue machine learning algorithms, and the catastrophe of the agricultural revolution. It's time for some fun holiday gift suggestions!
adjacentpossible 35 HN points 28 Jan 22
Why the killer app of virtual reality right now is just sitting in a room, looking at things.
adjacentpossible 14 HN points 17 Dec 21
My conversation with Larry Brilliant about smallpox eradication—and an end-of-year special offer for Adjacent Possible subscribers.
adjacentpossible 1 HN points 07 Dec 21
Thoughts on the floating democracy of the 18th-century pirate ship—and why the most interesting ideas in governance often come from implausible places
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