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liorn 73 HN points 09 May 22
In deciding what startup to start, I’ve been thinking about what problem space I want to tackle. An area that’s drawing my attention is team communication and collaboration, especially for knowledge workers. This is for several reasons: With the trend towards distributed/hybrid teams, effective communication is becoming increasingly important.
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liorn 1 HN points 04 May 22
In this blog “I have no idea what I’m doing” I’ll be chronicling the progress and discoveries I make as I build a startup for the first time. The name of this blog comes from a talk in 2015 by former Facebook engineer Graham Lee. In his talk, he admits that although at the time he was helping build a platform that supported 1 billion people, he had no idea what he was doing. Never before had he or anyone else built a platform that supported so many people. If he was the first, from where was he supposed to learn how to do it? He concluded the talk by suggesting that the truth is that no one knows what they are doing and that’s okay, and that admitting we don't know what we are doing leaves us room for the curiosity necessary to figure it out together.
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