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rajivsethi 3 likes 19 Jun 22
There were about 45,000 gun deaths in the United Sates last year, including 24,000 suicides and 19,000 murders. Of the murder victims, about 500 died in mass shootings. That is, mass shootings account for less than three percent of all killings. But their brutality and scale garners considerable media attention and calls to action.
rajivsethi 0 likes 21 Jun 22
The following is a lightly edited version of a review of The Resilient Society by Markus Brunnermeier (originally published in India Today a couple of weeks ago). The devastating spread of the novel coronavirus has had dramatic effects on economic and social life. It has also had an impact on the direction of scientific research. In this wide-ranging book, Markus Brunnermeier argues that the discipline of economics should pay closer attention to the concept of resilience, defined as the capacity of a system to rebound quickly “like a trampoline” from large and unexpected adverse shocks.