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wheelreinventor 16 HN points 10 Mar 23
A couple of days ago, my tweet on proportionality in Australia’s lower house made a lot of people very mad: Although I worded this tweet a little provocatively, I was making a serious point: Lack of proportionality results in unfair outcomes. This affects minor parties most (The Greens got 12% of the vote and 2.6% of the seats, One Nation got 5% of the vote and 0% of the seats) but major parties too (Labor won more than half the seats while receiving fewer total votes than the LNP bloc).
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wheelreinventor 1 likes 24 Mar 23
Kevin Bonham, has a twitter thread up disputing my telling of wasted vote. Here’s the thread itself. It contains a large number of incorrect assertions. Let’s mythbust. he asked Antony to do his "research" for him This is not correct. I asked Antony if he happened to know a particular figure. I didn’t ask him to do research at all.