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ymeskhout 2 HN points 05 May 22
Let's talk about health insurance. I don't have it. This feels like such a flagrantly transgressive thing to confess, even though the decision was the product of intense rumination. My public defense practice is a one-man operation, which means I have to purchase my own health insurance. I make too much money to qualify for any premium subsidies so I have to pay the full amount (although the field is known as “Public Defen$e” for a reason, realize that the cut-off income for losing premium subsidies is around $53k/year). Most of the plans available on the low-end cost about $400 a month, and come with a deductible of around $8,000. Those plans cover only a narrow sliver of medical services, with the rest paid out of pocket until you hit the deductible. I can, of course, lower my deductible and increase my coverage, if I was willing to accept a bigger monthly chomp.
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ymeskhout 14 likes 29 Apr 22
Tracing Woodgrains reveals how he tricked the notorious Libs of TikTok account to publicize a fake story about second graders getting homework on furries. The level of effort that was put into fabricating convincing evidence is almost pathological. The fact that LoTT took the bait is not necessarily all that surprising given the brand of content the account traffics since it’s really intended as online comfort food for its audience. But the account also tries to straddle the line by simultaneously heralding itself as a serious endeavor with direct lines to politicians and thumbs on the scale of policy.
ymeskhout 6 likes 27 May 22
This week I got into a fun Twitter spat, ostensibly about whether liberal prosecutors are soft on crime. This is objectively not notable beyond the personal entertainment value, but I keep encountering the dynamics illustrated in that conversation with regular frequency. So what I would like to catalog here is a brief description of a look behind the scenes and what my thought process looks like.