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Yassine Meskhout • 393 implied HN points • 09 Feb 24
  1. The writer turned on paid subscriptions, but values being read over being paid and doesn't plan to put writing behind a paywall.
  2. The writer mentions not needing money due to getting paid well in their job, expressing gratitude for readers' interests and potential financial support for more writing time.
  3. The writer's writing schedule is irregular due to their job, but hopes it can become financially sustainable in the future to write full-time.
The Watch • 2631 implied HN points • 27 Dec 23
  1. Substack has faced controversy over hosting white supremacists and other objectionable content
  2. Switching platforms can be risky for content creators like the author due to potential loss of subscribers and audience
  3. The author suggests direct support via other payment methods for those who want to support writers on Substack without contributing to the company
Good Reason • 3 HN points • 27 Feb 24
  1. US housing has become extremely expensive, with a median single family home selling for over $400K and prices rising more than 7% annually since 2012.
  2. If housing prices continue to rise at 7% annually, they'll nearly double in 10 years and nearly quadruple in 20 years, making homes unaffordable for many.
  3. Treating housing as an investment has consequences, creating an underclass unable to afford homes and pushing more people into debt, cramped living situations, and even homelessness.
read • 10220 implied HN points • 31 Jul 23
  1. Scholars on Substack are reaching new audiences and earning income for their research and writing.
  2. Substack provides academics like Ruth Ben-Ghiat with financial freedom to pursue public-interfacing research.
  3. Academic writers use Substack for engaging with readers, testing new ideas, and shaping their research through feedback.
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The False Consensus Effect • 59 implied HN points • 12 Dec 23
  1. The author suggests embracing voluntary poverty as a way to protest against governments and their harmful actions.
  2. Poverty can be a creative way to navigate life, leading to self-sufficiency and alternate sources of income.
  3. Living below the poverty line is proposed as a form of resistance against contributing to unethical government actions and military spending.
The Overshoot • 393 implied HN points • 25 Feb 23
  1. Americans' incomes have been rising rapidly, with a 10% increase in disposable income since last summer.
  2. This rise in income is leading to concerns about potential inflation, as increased spending may outpace production.
  3. The surge in employment income is a key factor in driving consumer spending and could impact inflation rates.
Fava’s Substack • 0 implied HN points • 01 Jun 23
  1. John Sung Kim was involved in local politics and advocated for improving San Francisco before moving to Florida.
  2. Counties in the Bay Area, like San Francisco and Manhattan, lost significant income in 2022.
  3. Many wealthy individuals are migrating to Florida for better living conditions and government services.