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Yassine Meskhout • 393 implied HN points • 09 Feb 24
  1. The writer turned on paid subscriptions, but values being read over being paid and doesn't plan to put writing behind a paywall.
  2. The writer mentions not needing money due to getting paid well in their job, expressing gratitude for readers' interests and potential financial support for more writing time.
  3. The writer's writing schedule is irregular due to their job, but hopes it can become financially sustainable in the future to write full-time.
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Oliver Bateman Does the Work • 157 implied HN points • 06 Dec 23
  1. The author is aiming to increase paid subscriptions for their publication to ensure its longevity.
  2. The author faces challenges in producing fresh content after years of writing and needs to adapt to keep readers engaged.
  3. Despite past successes, the author is uncertain about the future of their creative career and feels a sense of pressure to continue producing meaningful work.
Journo Resources - The Opportunities • 157 implied HN points • 24 Oct 23
  1. Various journalism job opportunities available at companies like Bloomberg, BBC, and ITV.
  2. Feedback is crucial in the application process, even if facing rejection.
  3. Upcoming events and resources to support journalism career growth and development.
What's AI Newsletter by Louis-François Bouchard • 39 implied HN points • 06 Feb 24
  1. The podcast episode shares insights on leveraging AI for education and boosting personal productivity.
  2. The episode features Tina Huang, who discusses freelancing in the tech industry and strategies for enhancing personal productivity.
  3. The content is geared towards anyone interested in technology, AI, and practical tips for working in the field or leveraging AI effectively.
Austin's Analects • 19 implied HN points • 14 Mar 24
  1. Owning mortgage-free rental properties for each child is a smart financial strategy for the future.
  2. Traditional advice on protein intake might be outdated, with studies suggesting the body can absorb more protein per meal than previously thought.
  3. The unbundling trend seen with companies like Uber is now happening with platforms like Upwork, leading to more specialized niche service providers.
Michael’s Newsletter • 196 implied HN points • 27 Jun 23
  1. Upwork is not just for freelancers, but also a place where entrepreneurs can validate startup ideas and leverage talent across platforms.
  2. It's important for all entrepreneurs to learn how to use Upwork for scaling their business.
  3. By using Upwork strategically, like getting paid to build a prototype or arbitraging talent, you can accelerate your business growth.
Journo Resources - The Opportunities • 98 implied HN points • 01 Aug 23
  1. The newsletter discusses various job opportunities in journalism and media industry.
  2. The author shares their experience of taking a break and finding joy in work.
  3. Upcoming events and opportunities in the journalism field are highlighted for the audience.
Journo Resources - The Opportunities • 98 implied HN points • 25 Jul 23
  1. Catharina from Journo Resources announced her departure and reflected on her time with the company.
  2. There are various job opportunities available in journalism, such as news reporters, editors, and content creators.
  3. Upcoming events and opportunities for emerging journalists, including training sessions and awards.
Journo Resources - The Opportunities • 117 implied HN points • 21 Feb 23
  1. Various job opportunities in journalism are available at companies like Cycling Electric, Full Fact,, and BBC Sport.
  2. Applications for different roles, such as news reporter, features writer, and editorial assistant, are open with varying salaries and responsibilities.
  3. Events, training programs, and grants for aspiring journalists and freelancers are also highlighted for further opportunities.
Journo Resources - The Opportunities • 98 implied HN points • 18 Jul 23
  1. Opportunities for jobs in journalism and related fields are available at various renowned organizations like 1843 Magazine, ITV, and the BBC.
  2. Remote working can offer flexibility but also challenges like maintaining productivity and taking breaks.
  3. Events and resources are accessible for those interested in transitioning into travel journalism or exploring different writing opportunities.
Become a Senior Engineer • 19 implied HN points • 09 Jan 24
  1. The author's journey in software development started with self-teaching, from HTML to dynamic elements with JavaScript and PHP. Dreamweaver was a helpful tool for learning.
  2. After a period of exploring different jobs, the author's career accelerated when they focused on e-commerce, leading to full-time software engineering roles.
  3. The author achieved a six-figure salary milestone in a SaaS company after overcoming self-doubt. They highlight the importance of continuous learning and self-improvement, even after facing setbacks like getting fired.
Journo Resources - The Opportunities • 78 implied HN points • 16 May 23
  1. Various job opportunities in journalism and media are available at companies like ITV, BBC iPlayer, and The Evening Standard.
  2. The pace of breaking news journalism can be intense and exhausting, with continuous deadlines and quick context-switching.
  3. There are opportunities in various fields like content editing, journalism, and marketing, with different pay scales and locations.
Work3 - The Future of Work • 58 implied HN points • 20 Jun 23
  1. Organizations are adapting to AI by becoming more efficient and leveraging new technologies.
  2. Improving candidate experiences is crucial, as engagement levels are high but attraction and conversion could be better.
  3. Accenture's $3 billion investment in AI shows the increasing importance of AI in the future of work.
Journo Resources - The Opportunities • 19 implied HN points • 15 Aug 23
  1. Don't be afraid to try new things and give yourself space to be imperfect.
  2. Explore various job opportunities in journalism, ranging from social media to editorial roles.
  3. Upcoming events, workshops, and bursaries in the journalism field offer learning and growth opportunities.
Definite Optimism • 0 implied HN points • 01 May 23
  1. Palantir is integrating new AI tools into military operations, sparking ethical concerns
  2. AI like ChatGPT is disrupting the freelance market by replacing and assisting freelancers
  3. Yuval Harari warns that new AI tools could pose a threat to human civilization
Consumer Solo • 0 implied HN points • 04 Feb 24
  1. Transitioning from freelancing to a full-time role after 10 years requires a shift in focus and a craving for stability.
  2. In freelancing, larger ongoing gigs provide opportunities to collaborate, learn, and build trust with clients and internal teams.
  3. Balancing a single focus in a full-time role with side projects like a journaling app can require adjustments in time management and project prioritization.