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Doomberg β€’ 7905 implied HN points β€’ 16 Feb 24
  1. Global coal demand is smashing records, expected to reach an all-time high in 2023 due to strong demand in emerging economies like India and China.
  2. There seems to be a practical grand bargain between governments and the fossil fuel industry over climate change, with a focus on minimizing coal use in the West and leveraging coal in the developing world.
  3. Despite efforts in renewable energy, coal remains popular due to its cheap, reliable, and storable nature, with the International Energy Agency predicting a decline in demand by 2026 despite current high consumption.
Welcome to Absurdistan β€’ 7311 implied HN points β€’ 27 Jan 24
  1. Human desires drive the economy, and marketing determines our choices.
  2. A shift towards traditional, healthy foods like full-fat dairy and grass-fed beef is happening despite mainstream trends.
  3. Soil restoration using cattle can help make deserts bloom and revitalize the earth.
Nova Terra News β€’ 738 implied HN points β€’ 15 Apr 24
  1. Nova Terra Inc. is focused on creating a sustainable future through innovative building materials like EcoBlox made from lime-stabilized compressed earth blocks.
  2. The founder, Lisa Morey, has a background in earthen masonry and is passionate about infusing technological innovation into traditional building methods.
  3. Acceleration in business growth, pitching to major projects like the Georgia O'Keeffe museum, and receiving positive feedback have energized Lisa Morey and Nova Terra Inc. for a promising future.
The Crucial Years β€’ 1544 implied HN points β€’ 28 Feb 24
  1. The changing climate is causing dramatic and extreme changes around the planet, with record-breaking temperatures and reduced snow coverage indicating the ongoing warming of the Earth.
  2. The diminishing cold air supply in the Arctic is a clear sign of the planet's warming climate, leading to changes in weather patterns and ecological impacts like ice melting and more extreme weather events.
  3. The impact of the climate crisis goes beyond physical consequences, affecting the psychological and emotional connection to the changing seasons and nature, emphasizing the importance of fighting to save the beauty and meaning of the natural world.
Chris Arnade Walks the World β€’ 770 implied HN points β€’ 14 Mar 24
  1. The Dutch culture emphasizes good citizenship, seen in how they are thoughtful, friendly, and helpful to strangers.
  2. The Netherlands is clean and functional due to being a high-trust society, which allows for nice things without fear of them being misused.
  3. Placing a focus on pedestrians and cyclists over cars has made Dutch cities more livable and charming, contrasting with the struggles in the US.
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Nova Terra News β€’ 279 implied HN points β€’ 22 Apr 24
  1. Nova Terra's EcoBlox are sustainable building blocks that are free of cement, fireproof, and made from waste materials.
  2. The EcoBlox are 4x stronger than traditional adobe, climate-friendly, mold-resistant, and earthquake-resistant.
  3. The production of EcoBlox involves using sand and clay fines from rock quarries, and the company is collaborating with partners like NREL and West Gate for innovation.
Faster, Please! β€’ 1919 implied HN points β€’ 05 Jan 24
  1. The technologies needed for a sustainable planet are already available, they just need to be deployed at scale.
  2. Most of the crucial technologies like solar, wind, and batteries are already there, but some sectors still require more work.
  3. We are just at the beginning of deploying sustainable technologies, and there is room for significant progress in bending the curve down further.
The Crucial Years β€’ 1684 implied HN points β€’ 04 Jan 24
  1. Batteries have greatly improved energy density over the last century, making them more practical for cars and other uses.
  2. The rapid progress in battery technology is expected to continue, with increasing energy density, affordability, and innovation.
  3. Efforts are being made to ensure ethical sourcing of materials for batteries, address social inequities, and push for sustainable growth in the battery industry.
The New Urban Order β€’ 119 implied HN points β€’ 01 May 24
  1. Close is an interactive map that helps people find neighborhoods with amenities important to them, like public schools, increasing personalized walkability.
  2. Close uses free spatial datasets and user feedback to build a detailed destinations roster, showing a commitment to accuracy and continuous improvement.
  3. Close differs from tools like Walkscore by focusing on transparency, user customization, and the 'time to furthest important destination' approach to assess walkability in cities.
Longer Tables with JosΓ© AndrΓ©s β€’ 825 implied HN points β€’ 22 Jan 24
  1. The Global Food Institute aims to inspire a new generation to solve big food problems through policy, innovation, and humanities.
  2. The Institute has made progress, including participation in events like the World Food Forum and the launch of the Alliance for a Sustainable Future.
  3. Key leaders like Bill Dietz and Tara Scully are driving research, policy work, and curriculum development at the Institute.
Irina Slav on energy β€’ 864 implied HN points β€’ 08 Jan 24
  1. French government banning oil and gas investments in certain sustainable funds may set a precedent for future regulations.
  2. The rigorous certification process for ESG labels includes evaluating impact indicators like CO2 emissions and renewable energy output.
  3. Investors may face challenges if funds in different countries have conflicting preferences for including oil and gas stocks in ESG portfolios.
Surfing the Future β€’ 139 implied HN points β€’ 16 Apr 24
  1. Naming periods of significant change is crucial for understanding history and its impact on the present and future.
  2. The concept of Anthropocene, denoting the era where human activities have significant geological impacts, sparks debates among scientists about its start date and implications.
  3. Embracing new paradigms like sustainability and circularity is essential for addressing climate and biodiversity emergencies, even if the recognition like the Anthropocene remains a point of contention.
The Crucial Years β€’ 1295 implied HN points β€’ 24 Oct 23
  1. False information spreads quickly, like rumors about electric vehicle fires, aided by social media and anti-environmental amplifiers.
  2. Compared to fossil fuel vehicles, electric vehicles are significantly less likely to catch on fire.
  3. It's important to consider the larger picture and relative impacts when evaluating new technologies or risks, like the benefits of windmills in reducing fossil fuel use.
This Week in MCJ (My Climate Journey) β€’ 609 implied HN points β€’ 09 Jan 24
  1. Advocate for sustainability within your current company to unlock opportunities for climate jobs for yourself and your colleagues.
  2. Consider working on sustainability as part of your current job, even if your ultimate goal is to transition to a full-time climate job.
  3. Start making small changes towards working on climate within your current role, viewing it as a gradual journey rather than an immediate shift.
Yassine Meskhout β€’ 393 implied HN points β€’ 09 Feb 24
  1. The writer turned on paid subscriptions, but values being read over being paid and doesn't plan to put writing behind a paywall.
  2. The writer mentions not needing money due to getting paid well in their job, expressing gratitude for readers' interests and potential financial support for more writing time.
  3. The writer's writing schedule is irregular due to their job, but hopes it can become financially sustainable in the future to write full-time.
The Crucial Years β€’ 1375 implied HN points β€’ 25 Sep 23
  1. The fossil fuel industry is pushing to export large amounts of fossil gas to preserve their profits, even though renewable energy sources are cheaper and cleaner.
  2. The rapid expansion of LNG export terminals could cause American greenhouse gas emissions to remain stagnant since 2005, impacting global warming.
  3. It is crucial to stop the continued expansion of LNG build-out to accelerate the transition to clean and renewable energy sources worldwide.
Γ“mΓ³s Digest β€’ 530 implied HN points β€’ 08 Jan 24
  1. Γ“mΓ³s is opening a restaurant, guesthouse, and 4-acre farm in Ireland.
  2. The space is planned to be authentic and welcoming, more like a modern Irish home than a luxury hotel.
  3. The team behind Γ“mΓ³s is focused on building the business with a deep connection to the local community and supporting regional producers.
The Contender β€’ 1827 implied HN points β€’ 17 Jul 23
  1. Revenge travel can create crowded and high-anxiety tourist destinations
  2. Cities are reconsidering tourist economies due to overcrowding and disrespect towards locals
  3. Tourists sometimes treat locals as extras in their social media posts and engage in inappropriate behaviors
Field Guide to the Anthropocene β€’ 393 implied HN points β€’ 26 Jan 24
  1. In the Anthropocene era, humans must protect and restore the Earth given our excessive impact on its ecosystems.
  2. We need to become rational and compassionate managers of the planet to address climate change and ecological disruptions.
  3. Storms, while disruptive and dangerous, also serve as a reminder of our place in nature and the need to prepare for managing the impacts of extreme weather.
The Crucial Years β€’ 1225 implied HN points β€’ 12 Sep 23
  1. California passed a significant climate law to force big companies to disclose their carbon emissions
  2. Activism led to New York University finally divesting from fossil fuels after a decade-long battle
  3. Record rainfall in Libya resulted in a tragic loss of life, signaling the urgent need to address climate change
In Bed With Social β€’ 530 implied HN points β€’ 24 Dec 23
  1. A growing shift towards sustainability and conscious consumer behavior is gaining momentum globally.
  2. Generative AI is revolutionizing the processing of unstructured human data, offering new insights into behaviors and social interactions.
  3. Technological advancements, such as generative AI, provide opportunities for self-discovery and redefining our understanding of humanity and the world.
Japan Optimist β€’ 314 implied HN points β€’ 03 Feb 24
  1. Japan is considered a potential economic superpower and role model
  2. Japan's social resilience, political stability, corporate competitiveness, technocratic pragmatism, and private sector innovation are seen as strengths
  3. Japan's demographic destiny is viewed as a positive force for next-generation leaders, citizens, and the rising Asian middle class
Why is this interesting? β€’ 1749 implied HN points β€’ 18 May 23
  1. Mexico City and Jakarta are sinking due to various factors like draining lakes and illegal wells
  2. Indonesia's plan to move its capital to Borneo from Jakarta is ambitious but faces challenges like corruption and cultural differences
  3. The sinking of these cities raises environmental and social concerns that need to be addressed
Surfing the Future β€’ 139 implied HN points β€’ 18 Mar 24
  1. Democracy is facing challenges globally, with a recurring pattern of decline observed in capitalism, democracy, and sustainability.
  2. Existential shocks are needed to reshape assumptions in the realms of Democracy and Sustainability.
  3. Leaders like Putin in power for long periods exhibit authoritarian tendencies, highlighting the need to revamp democratic systems.
The Planet β€’ 373 implied HN points β€’ 10 Jan 24
  1. Paris has made significant progress in becoming a green and sustainable city.
  2. Paris is evolving into a 15-minute city where residents can easily access various amenities within a short distance.
  3. The concept of a 15-minute city prioritizes pedestrians and cyclists over cars, which differs from traditional American urban design.
Surfing the Future β€’ 279 implied HN points β€’ 27 Jan 24
  1. 2024 marks the 50th year of the author engaging professionally in sustainability agendas.
  2. The author plans a 'Blueprints' discovery process throughout the year, involving thinkers and practitioners of system change.
  3. Key themes of the discovery process include the role of science fiction in systemic solutions, younger generations' views, scaling sustainability solutions, market-based ecosystem regeneration, and AI's future applications.
The Micromobility Newsletter β€’ 235 implied HN points β€’ 30 Jan 24
  1. A new bill for lithium-ion battery safety standards in the US has rare bipartisan support in Congress.
  2. Jersey City is implementing a system for secure charging and storage of electric bikes.
  3. Several companies worldwide are ramping up electric vehicle production and investing in sustainable practices.