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The J. Burden Show 2316 implied HN points 24 Jan 24
  1. Left and Right are modern terms originating from the French Revolution, representing different ideologies.
  2. The idea of political dualism, viewing left and right as equal opposite forces, is a mistaken belief.
  3. The left is described as a parasite due to its nature of releasing power through entropy, striving for equality through destruction of traditional hierarchies.
The Worldview Bulletin Newsletter 196 implied HN points 14 Jan 24
  1. The discussion on consciousness has shifted towards panpsychism as a middle ground between materialism and dualism.
  2. There is a resurgence in interest in dualism and theism as explanatory options for minds and the cosmos.
  3. Recent works defend substance dualism and point to the ongoing decline of interest in physicalism, emphasizing the importance of souls and God in understanding consciousness and the universe.
Philosophy for the People w/Ben Burgis 579 implied HN points 16 Jul 23
  1. The A-Theory of Time proposes an objectively real, constantly shifting "present moment," which becomes more bizarre upon deeper contemplation.
  2. Studying philosophy in college often involves exploring brain-in-a-vat-style thought experiments about knowledge, debates between Utilitarianism and Kantianism on morality, as well as discussions on mind-body dualism versus materialism.
  3. Access to certain posts and discussions on topics like the A-Theory of Time may be restricted to paid subscribers on platforms like Substack.
Going Awol 179 implied HN points 14 Dec 23
  1. Substance Dualism posits that humans are made of two distinct substances - body and soul. The soul is considered the essential part that defines who we are.
  2. One objection to Substance Dualism questions how an immaterial soul, if essential, can be touched. A philosophical dialogue illustrating this objection is discussed.
  3. The objection is refuted through a clever dialogue between a Substance Dualist and someone who believes we are only bodies, highlighting linguistic nuances in how we perceive physical interactions.
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Autoscriptorium 19 implied HN points 18 Aug 23
  1. Patterns and facts can rule how we perceive the world, leading to different outcomes.
  2. Observations from everyday life at work can inspire reflections and insights.
  3. Discussions about theories like music spectrum can lead to philosophical conversations about dualism.