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Contemplations on the Tree of Woe 1402 implied HN points 25 Oct 23
  1. The author shares their first success in building a large subscriber base for their publication.
  2. The author discusses the challenges of making a living through their creative work and the need to diversify income sources.
  3. The author introduces their new tabletop role-playing game, highlighting its extensive content and inviting support through a Kickstarter campaign.
Tales From the Farm 943 implied HN points 17 Apr 23
  1. Jeff Lemire's new project 'Fishflies' will launch in print from Image Comics starting in July, with each issue being giant-sized at 56 pages.
  2. Lemire will be doing signings in Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago, and more, along with appearances at events like San Diego Comic Con and the Thought Bubble Festival.
  3. The next book in the Bone Orchard universe called 'Tenement' will launch in June, connecting the pieces from previous stories.
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Barbarian Grunge 44 implied HN points 17 Aug 23
  1. The author read and studied various types of content over the past year including graphic novels, video games, screenplays, novels, nonfiction, TV & film, short stories, poems, and for fun
  2. The author found inspiration from the works they read, learning from different genres and styles to enhance their writing
  3. Many of the works the author read were by well-known writers such as Frank Miller, Alan Moore, Stephen King, and Warren Ellis, among others