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Design Lobster 219 implied HN points 13 May 24
  1. Designing interactions that compel people to play with them can enhance user experience and create emotional connections.
  2. Considering touch-inviting elements in design, like objects with fidgetable properties, can improve engagement.
  3. Incorporating pleasurable and playful elements into design can have a significant impact on user perception and enjoyment.
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On Looking 259 implied HN points 08 Apr 24
  1. Eclipses provide a unique opportunity to witness the majestic beauty of cosmic events, reminding us of the intricate alignment of celestial bodies.
  2. The experience of observing an eclipse challenges our perception of reality, showcasing how our brain interprets electromagnetic waves and alters our vision.
  3. Looking directly at an eclipse can be harmful and cause solar retinopathy, emphasizing the importance of protective eyewear and caution during such rare events.
Design Lobster 499 implied HN points 22 Jan 24
  1. The HSB color model provides an intuitive way to choose colors, focusing on hue, saturation, and brightness, which can help create cohesive color palettes.
  2. Disney uses colors like 'Go-Away Green' to de-emphasize necessary yet unsightly elements in their parks, demonstrating how color can direct attention and create specific atmospheres.
  3. Color in design is a powerful tool for communication, allowing designers to convey messages and emotions without using words.
Do Not Research 39 implied HN points 29 Apr 24
  1. The 'Insurrection in a Box - The Big Edition' game by Z & Walker Behl transforms the hit game 'Storm the Capitol' into a life size sculptural installation.
  2. The game involves moving avatars around the Capitol Building to find items like senator hostages and AOC's shoes, with the objective of reaching Trump's helicopter first.
  3. Using art to explore image power and its impact on politics, social media, and global capitalism challenges us to envision a new future, united in questioning established institutions.
The Lone Toad - Croaker RPGs Newsletter 159 implied HN points 01 Mar 24
  1. The Lone Toad newsletter is going bi-monthly, offering more content and free-flowing thoughts on Solo RPG development.
  2. Exciting new RPG called Substratum Protocol by Pandion Games launching on Backerkit March 26th, offering a unique solo survival mystery experience.
  3. Croaker RPGs is continuously releasing new games like Night Terror and An Antique Land, with more to come like the Lost City of Cargoth, showcasing their dedication to creating engaging RPG content.
Data People Etc. 124 implied HN points 27 Feb 24
  1. The Cat in the HatGPT offers a unique perspective on the balance between excitement and responsibility.
  2. It highlights the clash between hype beasts who thrive on trends and cynics who resist change.
  3. Ultimately, the story prompts reflection on the influence of external pressures and the role of love in navigating the hype cycle.