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The Discourse Lounge • 1595 implied HN points • 27 Jan 24
  1. Oakland's homelessness crisis is a result of underproduction of housing compared to job growth in the region.
  2. Crime in Oakland is influenced by factors like homicide, organized criminal groups, reckless drivers, and homelessness.
  3. Oakland struggles to address homelessness due to financial constraints, dependency on neighboring cities, and lack of resources.
The Discourse Lounge • 204 HN points • 17 Feb 24
  1. Berkeley is considering a zoning reform that would allow for over 100,000 additional homes, making it one of the largest zoning changes in the U.S. per capita.
  2. The city's historical use of exclusionary zoning kept out non-rich and minority residents but is now facing a significant shift to allow for 'Missing Middle' housing.
  3. Proposed changes aim to remove density limits, increase affordable housing options, consider fire safety, and encourage alternative transportation methods like cycling and public transit.
The Newsletter of (Not Quite) Everything • 904 implied HN points • 12 Jul 23
  1. The idea of expanding cities like Cambridge to the size of Bristol is being considered for economic growth.
  2. Historically, English cities have transformed in size as economic conditions change, showing potential for growth.
  3. Challenges like housing affordability and lab space need to be addressed for cities like Cambridge to thrive as tech hubs.
Urben Field Notes • 84 HN points • 08 Feb 24
  1. Los Angeles has a successful program for building middle-income affordable housing without public subsidies.
  2. Building codes can hinder affordable housing construction by adding unnecessary costs and delays.
  3. Existing restrictive housing policies in cities like LA can limit the effectiveness of new affordable housing initiatives.
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Cornerstone • 19 implied HN points • 07 Nov 23
  1. The importance of transit-oriented development in addressing housing needs and housing policy challenges in regions like Alexandria.
  2. Advocacy for zoning reforms and the need to view each other positively and collaboratively in solving the housing crisis.
  3. Engagement in community planning and promoting diverse housing options to create inclusive, thriving neighborhoods.