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157 implied HN points • 01 Feb 24
  1. Non-human tools with personality are becoming more common, especially with AI support.
  2. Large Language Models (LLMs) are being explored for creativity and role-playing, showing potential to improve creative output when working together.
  3. Real human behavior can sometimes view humans as disposable tools, with ongoing layoffs in industries like tech and games.
196 implied HN points • 31 Dec 23
  1. The post discusses the Welsh tradition of Mari Lwyd, a skeletal horse pranking people during New Year's Eve.
  2. Mari Lwyd is associated with village mummers in south Wales in the 1800s and is constructed of a horse's skull and a white sheet.
  3. The post also covers various AI art tools, including an AI animation artist called NiceAunties and AI-generated SVG from images.
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216 implied HN points • 15 Oct 23
  1. The post discusses using an IKEA-diagrams LoRa of SDXL for fun, generating impossible things like 'happiness' and 'poetry.'
  2. The diagrams in the post show steps to make a robot, angel, and golem, each with unique and interesting instructions.
  3. The post also touches on AI tools for code and reinforcement learning from an AI perspective.
117 implied HN points • 01 Dec 23
  1. The post discusses using LLMs and Google APIs to create travel diaries of weird missions in European cities.
  2. There's been a recent flurry of activity in creative AI, focusing on real-time image generation, improved video generation, 3D meshes, and control models.
  3. The post also covers various tools and projects related to AI creativity, narrative generation, games adjacent topics, and book and TV recommendations.
117 implied HN points • 15 Nov 23
  1. The film 'Enys Men' by Mark Jenkin is a poetic visual experience featuring a mysterious radio and glimpses of the past.
  2. The concept of 'stone tape theory' in the film explores the idea of objects recording and playing back the past, contributing to the eerie and weird atmosphere.
  3. Mark Jenkin's film delves into the fear of time breaking down and uses film as a medium to convey a sense of time and space.
275 implied HN points • 30 Apr 23
  1. Monks in the Alps make a secret green liqueur involving a mysterious alchemical manuscript and 130 plants.
  2. Chartreuse monks are facing production cutbacks to focus more on prayer due to environmental impact concerns.
  3. Recent advancements in AI art tools, video and sound generation, and narrative agents offer exciting creative possibilities.
117 implied HN points • 31 Oct 23
  1. Jean Cocteau's film Orpheus explores themes of inspiration and creativity through tech signals and mirror portals.
  2. Mirrors serve as symbols and characters in Cocteau's film, representing death and reflection.
  3. The post also includes recommendations for AI/art creativity, narrative research, and TV shows like Our Flag Means Death and The Terror.
137 implied HN points • 30 Sep 23
  1. The article discusses digital image tools that can augment daily lives, highlighting authenticity challenges.
  2. Issues with digital unreality in daily tools like image processing are becoming more evident and concerning.
  3. Advancements in AI algorithms are being used to create images that appear authentic, raising questions about what is real and what is artificially generated.
216 implied HN points • 28 Feb 23
  1. Conceptual artist Sol Lewitt's wall drawings are executed by others based on his written prompts, highlighting different interpretations of instructions
  2. Poetry translation can lead to varied interpretations of the same text in different languages
  3. Copyright laws and the concept of dual authorship raise questions about originality and authorship in derived works
176 implied HN points • 01 Aug 23
  1. AI-run haunted houses in literature often present intriguing narratives and questions about space and identity.
  2. Poets and writers can explore unreal architectures and dream-like spaces created by AI tools to tell unique and engaging stories.
  3. Exploring the intersection of AI, art, and poetry can lead to the creation of cosmic narratives within the digital labyrinth.
137 implied HN points • 01 Sep 23
  1. The post discusses folkloric entities like golems, tulpas, and egregores, which are created by humans and can have varied effects.
  2. Golems are creatures from Jewish folklore created from mud or clay with specific activation and deactivation methods.
  3. There are parallels between these entities and modern phenomena like AI behavior and strange chatbot interactions.
117 implied HN points • 15 Sep 23
  1. There is a controversy around leaked music tracks, with fans unsure if they are real or created by AI.
  2. Fans face challenges in determining the authenticity of leaked music, with some being threatened for suggesting the tracks may be fake.
  3. The situation highlights the complex dynamics between fans, authenticity, and the value of content in the music industry.
176 implied HN points • 31 May 23
  1. The post discusses the use of AI in gaming and the challenges of mispronunciations by AI agents.
  2. An example of a game that combines AI tools for branching dialogues and game state trees is highlighted.
  3. The post touches on the importance of creating immersive games with active player engagement.
157 implied HN points • 31 Mar 23
  1. The Atlas of Endangered Alphabets project documents fascinating writing systems, including divinatory scripts and sacred Indian scripts.
  2. New AI art models like DALL-E, SDXL, and Adobe Firefly are being tested and compared for image generation.
  3. Exciting developments in 3D research papers and NeRFs show advancements in scene generation, editing, and efficient representation.
157 implied HN points • 14 May 23
  1. The project combines old haiku poetry with new AI technology to create multimedia experiences.
  2. The haiku illustrations include AI-generated letters, music, and video clips, focusing on the atmosphere and emotions of the poems.
  3. The project showcases the challenges and creativity involved in using AI models to generate visuals and music based on poetry prompts.
137 implied HN points • 01 Jul 23
  1. The prehistoric art depicts a shaman in a trance performing magic, not just art for its own sake.
  2. AI art tools like Midjourney 5.2 and Zeroscope Text2Video are making significant improvements in video generation.
  3. The release of Infinigen, a procedural generator of 3D scenes, offers new possibilities for creating infinite photorealistic worlds.
157 implied HN points • 02 Oct 22
  1. An exhibit at the Tate Modern focuses on Cézanne's influence on modernists like Picasso and Matisse.
  2. Cézanne painted many portraits of his wife, even after their separation, showing a complex relationship.
  3. The tech industry is constantly evolving with AI art tools for image creation, NLP applications, and more.
78 implied HN points • 15 Apr 23
  1. The post discusses Segment Anything for creative tasks, social agents in game contexts, and new LLMs in the AI landscape.
  2. The content covers AI art tools, game design elements like agents and NPCs, and updates in the field of NLP.
  3. The author mentions increases in paid subscriptions, interesting topics like AI art copyright, and shares a variety of exciting updates.
78 implied HN points • 29 Nov 22
  1. Transitioning to Mastodon from Twitter can be feasible with the right tools and guides.
  2. Discovering pentimenti in art reveals earlier images or forms that have been changed and painted over.
  3. Exploring creative AI developments, such as 3D image generation and improving text generation with large ranking models.
157 implied HN points • 30 Dec 21
  1. The post explores the concept of angels like seraphim and cherubim, featuring six wings and many eyes
  2. AI art tools like GLIDE and Vector-Quantized Diffusion Model offer interesting results but struggle with complex prompts
  3. The post covers various topics including NLP, data science, books, TV shows, games, and poems providing a rich and diverse range of content
19 implied HN points • 26 Feb 22
  1. The TITAA #27 newsletter discusses cave poems and strange horticulture
  2. The newsletter covers topics like editing AI art, 3D image generation, and story arcs
  3. Featured games include Strange Horticulture and Skyrim VR
0 implied HN points • 28 Jun 20
  1. Experimenting with AI tools like RunwayML can lead to creating new and unique content, like generating images of French castles.
  2. Watching a variety of TV shows, from science fiction to detective mysteries, can provide excellent entertainment and escape.
  3. Exploring a diverse range of books, from novels with fantastical elements to science fiction sequels, can offer immersive and thought-provoking storytelling experiences.
0 implied HN points • 21 Aug 20
  1. The author shared their unique travel experiences in France, including exploring local museums with diverse exhibits.
  2. Oskar Stålberg's game Townscaper is praised for its creativity and lack of gameplay, inspiring fan art and stories.
  3. AI biases and glitches, like Ryan Gosling's face randomly appearing in photos, show the quirky side of technology.
0 implied HN points • 27 Sep 20
  1. Teaching and learning resources like Lena Voita's NLP course and Javascript Data Wrangling tutorials are recommended.
  2. The animal stories section includes inspirational tales like Magawa the rat and a woman's friendship with a lake fish.
  3. Book recommendations cover a range of genres from thrillers to science fiction, with titles like 'Declare' and 'Piranesi' highlighted.
0 implied HN points • 30 Dec 20
  1. The author is experimenting with VR technology and finds it enjoyable for various activities like exploring Google StreetView in 3D.
  2. The author shares recommendations for VR apps and games, such as Ocean Rift, Nature Treks VR, and The Room VR.
  3. The author also mentions their favorite TV shows, books, and recipes, providing a diverse range of interests and recommendations.
0 implied HN points • 30 Jan 21
  1. The post discusses collage art like Adele Karmazyn's work and its connection to fan fiction.
  2. There's a mention of AI art and tech resources like Three.js course, ArXiv articles on text generation, DALL-E, and CLIP.
  3. Personal reflections on TV shows, books, lemon-based recipes, and a poem shared in the post.
0 implied HN points • 28 Feb 21
  1. AI advancements like DALL-E and AI search engines are emerging.
  2. There are interesting tutorials available on various topics like texturing and data visualization.
  3. Exploring VR games can be a fun way to escape and experience new job simulations.
0 implied HN points • 27 Mar 21
  1. Explore generative art and text projects for creative inspiration.
  2. Discover atmospheric games for a captivating and immersive experience.
  3. Find interesting tech tools and references like SpikeX and DataMuse API for various applications.
0 implied HN points • 04 Jun 21
  1. The post discusses the author's recent fascination with outer space, inspired by a TV show and exploring various aspects like old photos and VR experiences.
  2. The post highlights interesting AI and creativity tools like Language Driven Image Style Transfer and other exciting projects in the field.
  3. The author shares experiences with VR games related to outer space, such as Space Engine, Universe Sandbox, and VR experiences like the ISS tour.
0 implied HN points • 28 Jul 21
  1. The SATOR square is a strange Roman anagram block associated with mystical and magical applications.
  2. AI art and creativity involve experimenting with CLIP models to generate unique and artistic content.
  3. The book 'Rabbits' by Terry Miles is recommended for those interested in conspiracy theories, parallel worlds, and old computer games.
0 implied HN points • 30 Sep 21
  1. The author purchased a racing game to virtually drive in a simulated, picturesque UK since they can't visit in person.
  2. Exploring virtual environments like Google Earth and MS Flight Simulator offers unique ways to experience locations like the White Horse of Uffington.
  3. The post also includes a variety of AI, creativity, tech links, game recommendations, TV show suggestions, book reviews, and a poem.