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Construction Physics • 21087 implied HN points • 19 Feb 24
  1. The author's writing process involves mainly two types of posts: explanation-driven and exploratory. They often write to understand complex topics themselves and then share their findings.
  2. Extensive research is a crucial part of the author's writing process. They gather information from a variety of sources like books, dissertations, and online resources.
  3. The author follows a structured approach starting from research, reading, and thinking, then moves on to compressing and structuring content, before finally drafting, editing, and posting their work.
The American Peasant • 2201 implied HN points • 11 Feb 24
  1. Kale's story highlights the importance of having the right tools in woodworking that will last a lifetime without needing upgrades.
  2. Investing in high-quality, durable tools from the start can save time and money in the long run.
  3. Choosing tools based on functionality and quality over aesthetics or price can lead to better long-term satisfaction and efficiency in woodworking.
Substack • 745 implied HN points • 16 Feb 24
  1. Substack is making efforts to ease the lives of writers by introducing a Writer Success team, chatbot, and tools to support them.
  2. The new Writer Success team is focused on technical support, educational resources, and supporting the writer community for a better experience.
  3. Substack's chatbot taps into years of knowledge to provide writers instant help, addressing common issues and connecting them with support.
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Jacob’s Tech Tavern • 576 implied HN points • 26 Feb 24
  1. The blog post compares the Twitter and X iOS app binaries, revealing insights like extra app icons and heavy use of dynamic libraries.
  2. Emerge Tools offers valuable solutions for mobile engineers to monitor their app's size and performance.
  3. The author recommends subscribing to Jacob's Tech Tavern for more insightful posts and to show support for the work.
Blog System/5 • 493 implied HN points • 29 Feb 24
  1. The post summarizes interesting articles, videos, and projects from February 2024 with added commentary to urge readers to explore the content.
  2. There are discussions on topics like old hardware databases, software development reflections, and the challenges of modern software bloat.
  3. The author explores topics like breaking memory limitations in DOS, DJGPP running GNU programs on DOS, and the creation of a library in Rust for implementing memory vulnerabilities.
Not Boring by Packy McCormick • 245 implied HN points • 06 Mar 24
  1. There are three main approaches to thinking about AI: fear of job loss, fear of missing out on AI skills, and using AI as a tool to achieve personal goals.
  2. Decide to do big things, determine the most ambitious goal for your life, and leverage the incredible tools available to make it happen faster.
  3. Ambition is contagious, empowering, and crucial in shaping the reality you want; name your ambition, set big goals, and watch the world contribute to making them a reality.
12challenges • 257 implied HN points • 01 Mar 24
  1. The diagram shows how much social media has changed over the last 20 years, with a shift towards platforms like TikTok.
  2. The idea of using the diagram as a menu to choose preferred social media options is intriguing, revealing possible disparities in usage.
  3. The author seeks suggestions to improve the diagram's presentation and structure, anticipating future articles about social media platforms.
The Schematic • 19 implied HN points • 05 May 24
  1. Zoxide is a tool that improves the 'cd' command in the terminal by offering additional features to simplify repetitive tasks.
  2. Zoxide uses 'z' instead of 'cd' to help users navigate directly to specific folders that are frequently accessed, making the process more efficient and convenient.
  3. While Zoxide may not dramatically increase productivity, it can enhance convenience by reducing the need to type repetitive commands and making navigation easier.
The Fintech Blueprint • 334 implied HN points • 30 Jan 24
  1. AI is revolutionizing financial analysis through earnings call summarizations by tools like Bloomberg, AlphaSense, TiredBanker, and Aviso.
  2. AI helps in quickly isolating key points from earnings calls and deriving insights that improve financial decision-making.
  3. AI-driven tools have the potential to mitigate human error in analyzing financial data and are expected to see universal adoption in the financial services sector.
lcamtuf’s thing • 2166 implied HN points • 09 Mar 23
  1. Designing your own PCB allows for faster iteration on new designs compared to ordering custom circuit boards.
  2. KiCad is a recommended tool for designing hobby PCBs due to its extensive library of footprints and open-source nature.
  3. Consider important factors like component placement, trace widths, and manufacturing constraints for successful PCB layout.
The Schematic • 19 implied HN points • 27 Apr 24
  1. Switching to neovim offered a more close-to-the-computer experience for the developer and helped in understanding what's going on under-the-hood.
  2. Choosing a stable neovim package manager like LazyVim and customizing the setup helped in a smoother transition and better understanding of the tool.
  3. Using neovim increased efficiency in coding tasks like text editing, search and replace, and improved typing speed by focusing on keyboard-centric usage.
Things I Think Are Awesome • 157 implied HN points • 01 Feb 24
  1. Non-human tools with personality are becoming more common, especially with AI support.
  2. Large Language Models (LLMs) are being explored for creativity and role-playing, showing potential to improve creative output when working together.
  3. Real human behavior can sometimes view humans as disposable tools, with ongoing layoffs in industries like tech and games.
Artificial Ignorance • 121 implied HN points • 14 Feb 24
  1. Living in the post-ChatGPT era led to a surge in AI news and development, creating a sense of fatigue among researchers and enthusiasts.
  2. Curate relevant and insightful sources to stay informed about AI without feeling overwhelmed by the constant influx of information.
  3. Experiment with new AI tools and technologies, but also know when to step back and not get caught up in trying to keep up with every single update and trend.
Artificial Ignorance • 67 implied HN points • 13 Mar 24
  1. Many of the best AI models and features are now hidden behind subscription paywalls, changing how we access and use powerful AI technologies.
  2. Leading AI companies like OpenAI, DeepMind, and Google offer paid versions of their chatbots with flagship models and extra features, contributing to the rise of subscription-based AI services.
  3. As the AI industry becomes saturated with monthly subscription options, consumers may experience 'subscription fatigue,' similar to what has happened with streaming services, leading to a complex decision-making process on which services to pay for.
Ralph Ammer • 1022 implied HN points • 13 Jun 23
  1. Selecting the right drawing tool depends on what you like and want to do with it.
  2. Hitting the limitations of a tool can push creativity towards unconventional ideas.
  3. The perfect drawing tool doesn't have to be complex, just master a simple tool and make it a part of yourself.
Democratizing Automation • 110 implied HN points • 14 Feb 24
  1. Reward models provide a unique way to assess language models without relying on traditional prompting and computation limits.
  2. Constructing comparisons with reward models helps identify biases and viewpoints, aiding in understanding language model representations.
  3. Generative reward models offer a simple way to classify preferences in tasks like LLM evaluation, providing clarity and performance benefits in the RL setting.
jDeploy Newsletter • 84 implied HN points • 27 Feb 24
  1. jpackage is an official tool for bundling Java apps, dependent on platform tools, and useful for creating app bundles for Mac, Windows, or Linux with embedded Java runtime.
  2. jDeploy is an open source tool that can build and deploy app bundles for all platforms from any platform, offering a smaller app bundle size, auto updates, and deployment through GitHub or npm.
  3. Use jpackage for app store distributions, while jDeploy is great for easy deployment, auto-updates, and quick distribution of internal utilities or PoC apps.
SBJournal • 157 implied HN points • 17 Jan 24
  1. A dress is a complete outfit in one garment; it's about utility and style.
  2. Classic dress silhouettes like the A-line and sheath are timeless and versatile.
  3. Different dress styles require specific sewing techniques and tools, such as special needles for knits or a serger for speed and neat finishes.
Talking Travel Writing • 117 implied HN points • 30 Jan 24
  1. Joining travel writing networks can boost your profile and help you get more commissions.
  2. TravMedia offers a community for travel writers and PR professionals to exchange news and build networks.
  3. KITI Social provides tools to help travel writers showcase their work, connect with others, and find work opportunities.
LOL (lots of links) • 628 implied HN points • 13 Jun 23
  1. You can customize your Wikipedia layout with various gadgets and tools like dark mode, article quality rating indicators, and citation hover features.
  2. There are tools available like Wiki shoot me, WikiNav, Wikifeedme, to contribute and enhance your Wikipedia experience.
  3. Wikipedia also offers features like a Copyvio Detector for checking plagiarism and tools for structured search and advanced search for diverse functionalities.
Artificial Ignorance • 58 implied HN points • 16 Feb 24
  1. Google introduces Gemini 1.5, a powerful model with a context window of up to 10 million tokens, promising significant improvements in AI capabilities.
  2. OpenAI releases Sora, a text-to-video model that can create photorealistic videos and simulate the real world, showcasing advancements in video generation technology.
  3. US Patent and Trademark Office states that AI cannot be named as a patent inventor, aligning AI with being a tool and not a creative entity, impacting patent regulations and inventorship.
Goto 10: The Newsletter for Atari Enthusiasts • 78 implied HN points • 19 Jan 24
  1. Prospero Software made compilers for Atari ST and other systems like Sinclair QL and OS/2.
  2. Prospero Pascal was an extensive system with manuals totaling 718 pages, making it one of the most detailed ST development tools.
  3. The integration capability of Prospero compilers allowed for sharing libraries between Prospero Pascal, C, and Fortran, giving a unique advantage in the market.
The Line Between • 412 implied HN points • 15 Feb 23
  1. Creativity can be affected by personal suffering, so a sense of ease is important for the flow of new ideas.
  2. In times of feeling stuck, try making pieces that you can rearrange and combine to inspire creativity.
  3. Finding a balance between sharing valuable content with members and catering to free subscribers is important for subscription-based services.
The Leftovers • 99 implied HN points • 12 Dec 23
  1. It's important to be able to write with whatever tools you have available, but also nice to have tools that you enjoy using, as they can influence your writing output.
  2. Having a variety of writing tools at your disposal can help you develop different styles and avoid being a one-dimensional writer.
  3. Notebooks can serve as important tools for developing writing techniques, similar to practicing scales and arpeggios as a musician.