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Astral Codex Ten β€’ 2821 implied HN points β€’ 18 Mar 24
  1. The 2023 Forecasting Contest winners were determined with an ambiguous scoring criteria, resulting in a few surprise winners
  2. The ACX Grants impact market has received 53 proposals, including projects such as growing blood vessels in the lab and a swarm of robotic bees
  3. A Reddit thread discussing an AI-generated reading of a poem from ACX highlights the speculation around AI involvement in online discussions
Patti Smith β€’ 14996 implied HN points β€’ 26 Jan 24
  1. Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye enjoyed a day together in the city, reminiscing about past performances and exploring the neighborhood.
  2. They watched the movie Poor Things in an old-fashioned theater, appreciating the cinematography and performances.
  3. Their friendship spans over half a century, highlighting the value of long-lasting friendships.
Astral Codex Ten β€’ 4749 implied HN points β€’ 02 Mar 24
  1. Book review contest for 2024 on Participants can write reviews between 2,000 and 10,000 words, with no word count requirement. Entries must be submitted through a Google Form by May 5th.
  2. Contest rules emphasize blinding the judging process to ensure fairness. Personal information that could identify participants should not be included in the Google Doc submissions.
  3. Diversity in review topics encouraged through affirmative action. A quarter of finalist slots reserved for books from nontraditional categories like fiction, poetry, or older works.
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The Audacity. β€’ 5188 implied HN points β€’ 10 Jan 24
  1. Favorite book: _All the Sinners Bleed_ by S.A. Cosby - a gripping Southern noir.
  2. Second favorite: _Family Meal_ by Bryan Washington - a poignant story of grief and finding love.
  3. Not every book is great - it's okay to have differing opinions on what you read.
Cosmographia β€’ 1697 implied HN points β€’ 25 Feb 24
  1. The post is titled 'The Ring of Fire' and is part of the Atlas' Notebook series on Cosmographia, focusing on art, poetry, literature, cartography, and photography related to a specific place.
  2. The post is for paid subscribers only, indicating exclusive content for those who have subscribed.
  3. The author of the post is M. E. Rothwell, and it was published on February 25, 2024, with a link to their profile for further exploration.
Patti Smith β€’ 2299 implied HN points β€’ 11 Feb 24
  1. The post titled 'The New Jerusalem' by Patti Smith is for paid subscribers only, indicating exclusive content for a specific audience.
  2. The post delves into deep philosophical or spiritual themes, referencing biblical verses and provoking thought on the nature of time and existence.
  3. The content presented appears to be rich in imagery and poetry, inviting readers to explore complex concepts within the author's perspective.
The Intrinsic Perspective β€’ 4805 implied HN points β€’ 05 Jan 24
  1. Reading multiple submissions from subscribers gives insights into a wide range of topics and perspectives.
  2. Paid subscriber writing can offer unique views on historical events, philosophy, and personal experiences.
  3. Exploring different writing styles and themes can lead to discovering new perspectives and valuable insights.
Common Sense with Bari Weiss β€’ 3120 implied HN points β€’ 21 Jan 24
  1. Ted Hughes was a genius poet with a mystique, known for collections like Crow and The Hawk in the Rain.
  2. Hughes' life was overshadowed by the tragic events involving his former wife and fellow poet Sylvia Plath.
  3. The enigmatic nature of Ted Hughes stems from the profound tragedy related to Sylvia Plath's death.
Unmapped Storylands with Elif Shafak β€’ 1709 implied HN points β€’ 11 Feb 24
  1. Constantine Cavafy's poetry explores themes of 'belonging,' 'roots,' and 'home', challenging the idea of leaving for 'elsewhere'.
  2. Tracy Chapman's song 'Fast Car' embodies optimism and compassion, reflecting her personal journey and struggles.
  3. Both artists, despite coming from different backgrounds, share a common thread of being 'outsiders' in their own ways and using art to convey universal emotions.
Cosmographia β€’ 1897 implied HN points β€’ 03 Feb 24
  1. The post is part of the Atlas' Notes series focusing on art, poetry, literature, cartography, and photography centered on a specific place.
  2. The content is for paid subscribers only, with an invitation to subscribe for access to the full post.
  3. The post features M. E. Rothwell and includes a collection of images for engagement with the audience.
Common Sense with Bari Weiss β€’ 2810 implied HN points β€’ 14 Jan 24
  1. It's common for people to look back nostalgically, especially during difficult times, but it's important to be wary of falling into the nostalgia trap by selectively remembering only the good.
  2. Resisting the nostalgia trap becomes even more challenging when reflecting on one's childhood or early adulthood.
  3. Philip Larkin's ability to find special meaning in the past and turn it into art highlights the value of interpreting our memories creatively.
Cosmographia β€’ 2036 implied HN points β€’ 25 Jan 24
  1. The post is part of the Atlas' Notes series on Cosmographia, focusing on art, poetry, literature, cartography, and photography centered around a specific place like Edinburgh.
  2. To access the full content of this post, you need to be a paid subscriber to Cosmographia.
  3. The post by M.E. Rothwell was published on January 25, 2024, and includes a rich blend of creative elements related to Edinburgh.
The Art of Enchantment, with Dr Sharon Blackie β€’ 4652 implied HN points β€’ 02 Dec 23
  1. The author celebrates Winter Solstice more than Christmas or New Year, finding meaning in its connection to nature and the shifting seasons.
  2. The author emphasizes taking breaks to reflect and connect with oneself, especially during the festive season, for personal growth and clarity.
  3. The author offers special subscriber discounts for courses and subscriptions, encouraging engagement with their content on living meaningfully and exploring folklore.
Tom Ryan, Author β€’ 9276 implied HN points β€’ 23 Sep 23
  1. The post discusses the mystery surrounding the moves of poet Mary Oliver towards the end of her life.
  2. The author reflects on the idea of famous poets living away from their well-known locations.
  3. The text highlights the author's curiosity and interest in the mystery, drawing comparisons to other renowned literary figures.
The Common Reader β€’ 389 implied HN points β€’ 15 Mar 24
  1. Traditional concepts of metrical feet like iambs and trochees may not fully capture the complexity of English meter in poetry.
  2. Defining meter in English poetry, especially iambic pentameter, involves understanding the varying degrees of stress in syllables and challenging traditional rules.
  3. While exceptions exist, the majority of English poetry adheres to metrical patterns, showcasing the importance of common sense in analyzing poetic meter.
Cosmographia β€’ 1937 implied HN points β€’ 07 Jan 24
  1. The post is part of a series called Atlas' Notebook, which focuses on art, poetry, literature, cartography, and photography related to a specific place. This particular post is centered on Lhasa.
  2. The content is for paid subscribers only, indicating exclusive access to detailed and curated information about Lhasa and other related topics.
  3. Readers are encouraged to subscribe to Cosmographia to access the full content and enjoy other similar posts in the future.
Subtle Maneuvers β€’ 3321 implied HN points β€’ 27 Nov 23
  1. Sharon Olds writes by hand and fills notebooks with writing as a way to think and feel through the world.
  2. Olds organizes her writing and creates a huge archive of thinking and feeling, even if not all of it gets published.
  3. Having fun with writing, treating it like drawing or dancing, can be an important part of the creative process.
Cosmographia β€’ 1497 implied HN points β€’ 16 Jan 24
  1. The post is part of the Atlas' Notes series on, focusing on art, poetry, literature, cartography, and photography centered around a specific place.
  2. Access to the full post is reserved for paid subscribers.
  3. The post by M. E. Rothwell on Tlaxcala was published on Jan 16, 2024.
Pen>Sword β€’ 1737 implied HN points β€’ 30 Dec 23
  1. Gaza's resistance is deeply rooted and not for show; it is about survival and dignity, not media attention.
  2. The essence of Gaza lies in its relentless resistance despite hardships, symbolizing a powerful and unwavering spirit.
  3. Mahmoud Darwish's depiction of Gaza highlights its unique value, strength, and significance to its people and the world.
The Common Reader β€’ 815 implied HN points β€’ 26 Jan 24
  1. The most read pages in the First Folio at the Bodleian library are about Romeo and Juliet's first meeting.
  2. John Milton made extensive notes and markings in his copy of Romeo and Juliet against lyrical passages and lovers' dialogue.
  3. Romeo and Juliet was likely performed at theatres such as The Theatre, The Curtain, and The Globe.
gen yeet β€’ 491 implied HN points β€’ 06 Feb 24
  1. The newsletter has a new name and will feature weekly reviews for subscribers.
  2. The author reflects on a poem by Frank O'Hara and its relevance to their life in New York.
  3. The author discusses influences and mentions relevant reporters and writers in internet culture.
read β€’ 8294 implied HN points β€’ 15 Apr 23
  1. Beatrix Potter's fascination with mushrooms led to groundbreaking scientific discoveries.
  2. The relationship between European countries and their food reputation is complex and tied to historical influences.
  3. Poetry can be deeply inspired by personal stories and historical events, leading to powerful expressions of emotions and experiences.
Cosmographia β€’ 1597 implied HN points β€’ 22 Nov 23
  1. The post is about Saxony, featuring art, poetry, literature, cartography, and photography centered around this specific place.
  2. The content is part of the Atlas' Notebook series on Cosmographia, available for paid subscribers.
  3. The post includes a mix of creative elements like art, poetry, and photography focused on highlighting Saxony.
Soaring Twenties β€’ 131 implied HN points β€’ 13 Mar 24
  1. The poem explores the concepts of unity and diversity through discussions about music and movies.
  2. It showcases the idea of unity-in-diversity in relationships, where individuals with different tastes can still find common ground.
  3. The piece emphasizes how art can bring people together and create unity, even in the midst of differing opinions and preferences.
The Recovering Academic β€’ 356 implied HN points β€’ 14 Feb 24
  1. Pranks are about power dynamics, either making someone feel powerless or including them, so it's important to know your audience to ensure pranks are taken in good spirit.
  2. Pranking can be a way to compensate for insecurity or trauma, and sometimes it can be used as a means of establishing dominance rather than fostering intimacy.
  3. Traditionally, pranks have been associated with men while women often dislike them due to past negative experiences, but humor is still largely attractive in men, with a balance needed to ensure pranks do not lead to feelings of shame or betrayal.
The Art of Enchantment, with Dr Sharon Blackie β€’ 3215 implied HN points β€’ 02 Sep 23
  1. Growing up in a working-class family, Dr. Sharon Blackie defied societal expectations to become a writer.
  2. Writing formula fiction wasn't for Dr. Blackie, who found her authentic voice in crafting scenes with compelling imagery.
  3. Through mentorship, Dr. Sharon Blackie learned the importance of the craft of writing, emphasizing the beauty of language and evoked images.
Soaring Twenties β€’ 139 implied HN points β€’ 03 Mar 24
  1. The Symposium on Buses presented a collection of short stories, essays, poetry, and a film all centered around the theme of buses, offering a variety of creative perspectives on this everyday mode of transportation.
  2. The contributors showcased diverse writing styles and storytelling techniques, captivating the readers with their unique voices and imaginative narratives.
  3. The Symposium highlighted the power of art in transporting readers and viewers, emphasizing the value of creativity and storytelling in capturing moments and emotions.