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The Draft Scout 5 likes 17 Sep 21
We’re back for another amazing, never bad, 100% never wrong, week of sports betting. This week we (by “we” I mean I) need a comeback but I feel (no, I KNOW) it’s coming. Nebraska @ 3 Oklahoma (-22.5), 11:00 CT, FOX, O/U: 61.5 My first taste of college football was watching Tommie Frazier run all over the freshly formed Big 12 and I am obviously not the biggest supporter of OU. HOWEVER, I am not stupid. Oklahoma can win this game by as many points as they want to and are fresh off a 76-point performance over Western Carolina - I know they’re not the toughest competition. But OU and Spencer Rattler have a lot to play for still and Nebraska is still a big enough name to warrant attention and respect. The 22.5 point spread is a big one - but this could be a Spencer Rattler Heisman game. I’m taking the Sooners to cover the spread.
The Draft Scout 5 likes 22 Sep 21
Each week, we’ll be highlighting ten things you need to know following the weekend of college football and NFL play that affects the 2022 NFL draft. This might be a player who breaks out, an important injury, an ascending NFL player who erases a presumed team need, or just something we see happening that needs talked about.