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39 implied HN points 09 Feb 24
  1. Paris is expected to be crowded and intense during the Summer Olympics with 15.3 million visitors.
  2. Only 22% of visitors to Paris for the Olympics are expected to have tickets to the events.
  3. Many visitors will come to Paris to soak in the excitement of the Olympics and see the opening ceremonies along the Seine.
117 implied HN points 05 Jul 23
  1. Riots and demonstrations have broken out in Paris due to frustration, poverty, and discrimination.
  2. There is intense political polarization in France around issues of policing and order.
  3. Understanding the roots of violent protest does not excuse the violence but helps in comprehending the conditions that lead to such responses.
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117 implied HN points 01 Mar 23
  1. The post provides a free Paris trip-planning toolkit with tips on where to stay, how to save money on eating out, and when to visit.
  2. There is a guide on what's happening in Paris in March and recommendations for enjoying the city during this time.
  3. An article highlights the reopening of an Art Nouveau lavatory in Paris, discussing the city's ongoing challenges with providing safe and accessible public bathrooms.