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The Honest Broker • 44184 implied HN points • 04 Mar 24
  1. Minimize reliance on scrolling and swiping interfaces to avoid falling into addictive traps engineered by tech companies.
  2. Rediscover real-world applications like learning skills and connecting with the community, which provide personal empowerment and genuine experiences.
  3. Immerse yourself in longer, immersive experiences like listening to music or engaging in rituals to break free from the shallow stimuli of modern technology.
Astral Codex Ten • 25672 implied HN points • 07 Mar 24
  1. Race is often defined not just by genetics, but by a combination of formative experiences and cultural identity.
  2. The concept of race and identity can have significant implications, such as in cases of cultural appropriation and affirmative action.
  3. Judgments on race and identity can be complex and can have real-life consequences, highlighting the need for balanced considerations in such discussions.
The Honest Broker • 30254 implied HN points • 25 Feb 24
  1. Smartphones are not suitable for genuine ritual as they embody restlessness, which is opposite to the stability needed for rituals.
  2. True rituals are deeply rooted in physical time and space, unlike online experiences that can feel hollow and lack genuine connection.
  3. Memes mimic elements of ritual like repetition and shared meaning but lack the depth and transcendence that true rituals provide.
Steady • 32155 implied HN points • 20 Jan 24
  1. Dan Rather and Team Steady are celebrating their anniversary on Jan 20, 2024.
  2. The Steady community's support, guidance, and friendship have been crucial to their success.
  3. Dan Rather expresses gratitude and dedication to the readers for their continued support.
Astral Codex Ten • 2821 implied HN points • 18 Mar 24
  1. The 2023 Forecasting Contest winners were determined with an ambiguous scoring criteria, resulting in a few surprise winners
  2. The ACX Grants impact market has received 53 proposals, including projects such as growing blood vessels in the lab and a swarm of robotic bees
  3. A Reddit thread discussing an AI-generated reading of a poem from ACX highlights the speculation around AI involvement in online discussions
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The Honest Broker • 8145 implied HN points • 12 Feb 24
  1. It's Open Mic Day at The Honest Broker, a chance for people to share their projects and plans.
  2. The community is encouraged to talk about their creative endeavors, business launches, non-profit work, or anything they need to publicize.
  3. The focus is on supporting each other and spreading the word about various projects and initiatives.
The Status Kuo • 6348 implied HN points • 11 Feb 24
  1. Supporting the Human Rights Campaign through donations can help fight for equality, specifically for trans youth and their families facing discrimination.
  2. Donating to HRC not only funds critical missions but also mobilizes equality voters in key battleground states for the upcoming presidential election.
  3. Taking concrete steps, like sending donations, can make a significant impact in pushing back against discriminatory policies and empowering marginalized communities.
Culture Study • 3103 implied HN points • 03 Mar 24
  1. Dahlias have a rich history and diverse range of varieties, making them popular among collectors for their beauty and unique characteristics.
  2. The dahlia community faces challenges like disease control, competition for rare varieties, and shifting norms around pricing and ownership.
  3. There is a growing trend among millennials to turn hobbies, like dahlia growing, into side hustles, reflecting a desire for productive and monetized leisure activities.
Culture Study • 2115 implied HN points • 05 Mar 24
  1. The post discusses the importance of finding trustworthy professionals in various fields like doctors, therapists, contractors, and more.
  2. Detailed information is key when seeking recommendations or providing advice on services to ensure transparency and clarity.
  3. Conflicting advice and experiences are normal, emphasizing the idea that everyone's mileage may vary when it comes to service providers.
The View from Rural Missouri by Jess Piper • 2567 implied HN points • 21 Feb 24
  1. Sometimes taking a break from activism to engage in a calming activity like gardening can help rejuvenate and refocus your mind.
  2. Engaging in gardening or similar activities can be a form of work that brings peace and joy, without the stress of politics or activism.
  3. Finding moments of beauty and relief in nature through gardening can provide a sense of sustenance and rejuvenation amidst the challenges of activism.
Animation Obsessive • 3318 implied HN points • 12 Feb 24
  1. During the aftermath of the fall of the Soviet Union, animators faced challenges adapting to life under capitalism with reduced state funding and support.
  2. Some animators, like Yuri Norstein and Priit Pärn, expressed struggles and concerns about the impact of financial censorship in the capitalist system on their artistic work.
  3. Countries like Estonia benefited from renewed state support for artists, resulting in a thriving animation community that continues to produce award-winning films.
Cloud Irregular • 3104 implied HN points • 14 Feb 24
  1. The Cloud Resume Challenge community is launching a Kubernetes Challenge throughout March to help individuals build their Kubernetes skills by deploying a basic e-commerce website.
  2. The challenge focuses on learning the operations of a K8s cluster such as configuration, scaling, monitoring, and persistence, offering guidance to prevent going off track.
  3. Participants will work through the challenge together over 4 weeks in the CRC Discord server, with special incentives for those who complete it.
Common Sense with Bari Weiss • 4549 implied HN points • 23 Jan 24
  1. Some residents in Chicago are feeling angry and betrayed by Democrats they helped elect, who pushed to turn a neighborhood park into a shelter for migrants. This has led to a sense of neglect and frustration among the community.
  2. There is a belief among some black residents in Chicago that the city is more focused on welcoming and providing resources to newly arrived migrants than to addressing the needs and poverty in their own community.
  3. Cata Truss and other residents took legal action to prevent a neighborhood park from becoming a migrant shelter, highlighting the importance of fighting for community spaces and resources.
Astral Codex Ten • 2271 implied HN points • 19 Feb 24
  1. ACX provides an open thread for weekly discussions where users can post anything, ask questions, and engage in various topics.
  2. ACX Grants project includes initiatives like exploring a mutation to turn off suffering and opportunities for researchers in AI safety.
  3. ACX mentions upcoming events like a book review contest with updated rules and a pushed back due date.
Culture Study • 2936 implied HN points • 04 Feb 24
  1. There are many hidden trails on the island that offer unique and beautiful experiences for those who take the time to explore.
  2. Community, like the trails, requires ongoing maintenance and efforts to be inclusive and welcoming to all.
  3. The existence of gates, physical or metaphorical, in communities raises questions about access and the risk of exclusion.
Substack • 1108 implied HN points • 06 Mar 24
  1. Starting a newsletter on Substack from scratch can lead to significant growth and opportunities.
  2. Substack empowers creators to find success without waiting for traditional publishing gatekeepers.
  3. Building a community through Substack can be key to achieving success, even when starting anonymously.
Substack • 635 implied HN points • 14 Mar 24
  1. The Substack Bulletin shares news, resources, and opportunities for publishers, offering collaboration tools and customization tips for Substack websites.
  2. Recent updates include direct messaging capabilities for publishers, an upgraded recommendations network leading to increased subscriptions, and advanced layout options for showcasing content.
  3. The community section highlights writer meetups, milestones, and press features, encouraging interaction and sharing within the Substack community.
Letters from Fiddler's Greene • 2437 implied HN points • 29 Jan 24
  1. The Dark Age Academy should focus on mutual aid, lobbying, security, and relief organizations to support the community's basic needs and economic security.
  2. The Academy should also include organizations that support education, family life, and community quality, like homeschooling and family support groups.
  3. In addition, the Dark Age Academy should incorporate fraternal organizations, business associations, and political parties to organize and direct power for the good of the community.
  4. Arts and intellectual publications, journals, and communities are essential for understanding the world, providing higher thinking, and capturing the truth, beauty, and good in society.
Culture Study • 2308 implied HN points • 30 Jan 24
  1. Share your services or store to reach a wider audience by posting in a classifieds section like this.
  2. Offer your skills for free or a low fee to help others, whether it's proofreading, grant writing tips, or providing other specific services.
  3. Showcase your creative work like photography, writing, music, or design in platforms that allow you to share with interested audiences.
DrawTogether with WendyMac • 2928 implied HN points • 14 Jan 24
  1. 30-Day Drawing Habit involves fun drawing lessons with no tests or rules, encouraging experimentation and new perspectives.
  2. Drawing should be fun, and to keep it that way, focus on playfulness, connection, and flow while letting go of perfectionism and judgement.
  3. Having fun while drawing helps retrain the brain to focus on positive things, promotes wellbeing, and can replace the urge to seek entertainment on social media.
Culture Study • 2051 implied HN points • 28 Jan 24
  1. The author shares about fulfilling Trans Santa gifts with donations and the impact it had, showcasing the power of community support.
  2. The post discusses upcoming content on resistance to the Airbnb Space decorating style and invites readers to share their experiences with alternative rental aesthetics.
  3. The author mentions enjoying reading a fantasy series and gathering various links and recommendations to share with paid subscribers.
Breaking the News • 436 implied HN points • 13 Mar 24
  1. America is very diverse in personality and place, contrary to simplistic Red State/Blue State labels.
  2. Our sense of place is deeply connected to our identity and where we want to be.
  3. People's experiences and identities are shaped by their origins and the places they choose to call home.