THE BATFLIP offers independent coverage of Toronto Blue Jays baseball, focusing on player performance, team strategies, and fan perceptions. It discusses roster changes, player health, contract negotiations, and playoff prospects, while also addressing management decisions and the impact of analytics in baseball.

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314 implied HN points • 29 Sep 23
  1. Chris Bassitt reached the 200 inning mark with a stellar performance for the Blue Jays, a rare accomplishment in today's game.
  2. Pitchers going deep into games for 200+ innings is becoming increasingly rare due to injury prevention, expanded bullpens, and awareness of third-time-through-the-order penalty.
  3. Brandon Belt's performance, Rangers' bullpen struggles, and playoff scenarios are important factors to watch for Blue Jays' postseason hopes.
393 implied HN points • 30 Mar 23
  1. The Toronto Blue Jays have renovated their roster and increased their payroll significantly for the new baseball season.
  2. The team has focused on balancing its roster with a mix of veteran and younger players.
  3. There is urgency and high expectations for the 2023 Blue Jays season, with a spotlight on the team's performance and potential success.
373 implied HN points • 21 Mar 23
  1. Kikuchi is showing mixed results in spring training, particularly struggling with walks.
  2. Ricky Tiedemann has shown potential but is dealing with a shoulder issue, slowing down his progress.
  3. The Blue Jays' bullpen battle seems fairly settled with specific players in consideration for the final spots.
334 implied HN points • 11 Feb 23
  1. Sportsnet will broadcast all Blue Jays' spring training games with additional road games coverage.
  2. Bo Bichette's contract details include a signing bonus and escalators based on MVP voting results.
  3. Nine Blue Jays players, including Guerrero Jr. and Berríos, will participate in the World Baseball Classic.
294 implied HN points • 08 Feb 23
  1. Blue Jays avoid arbitration with Bo Bichette for three years with a $33.5 million deal.
  2. Arbitration process involves negotiations between player and team for upcoming season salary.
  3. Agreeing on a multi-year deal gives financial security and cost-certainty, avoiding future arbitration talks.