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Strategy Notes 2 likes 13 Sep 21
Meet Mark Ellison. He’s a carpenter, the best in New York City. When a billionaire or a celebrity (like David Bowie or Robin Williams) wants woodwork, special woodwork, they call Ellison. A recent profile in the New Yorker digs deep into Ellison’s work and craft. His low-end projects cost $5 million, and he often works a job for upwards of $50 million. “Nobody ever hires me to do a conventional building,” he says, because billionaires “don’t want the same old thing…they want something that no one has done before.”
Strategy Notes 1 likes 26 Jul 21
While president in 1957, Dwight Eisenhower popularized an expression he’d heard in the Army: “Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.” Of course, plans are fixed and finite and address problems with a relatively high degree of certainty (i.e., getting from A to B, when the road is well known).