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Noahpinion β€’ 36647 implied HN points β€’ 09 Feb 24
  1. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is deeply tied to Russia's historical rivalry with Poland and its desire to extend its influence over East Europe.
  2. Ethnic imperialism, where a country seeks to dominate a region due to linguistic and cultural similarities, is a core motivation behind Russia's actions in Ukraine.
  3. Poland's economic success and strategic autonomy pose a threat to Russia's dominance in East Europe, fueling Putin's desire to maintain control and influence in the region.
BIG by Matt Stoller β€’ 55463 implied HN points β€’ 20 Oct 23
  1. The Pentagon lacks oversight in tracking defense contractors, leading to issues in weapon production
  2. The defense industrial base is facing challenges due to prioritization of cash out over production
  3. The Government Accountability Office highlighted the lack of tracking defense-related mergers in the Pentagon, posing risks to national security
Aether Pirates of the Matterium! β€’ 18455 implied HN points β€’ 04 Feb 24
  1. Military analysts are afraid of the future and the rapid advancement of technology.
  2. Tech-minded individuals are seen as a threat by the military due to their knowledge and innovative capabilities.
  3. The release of Zero Point Technology to the public, especially techies, is a major concern for the military as it would shift power dynamics significantly.
Noahpinion β€’ 19294 implied HN points β€’ 30 Jan 24
  1. Understanding the importance of a rules-based international order for personal well-being and global prosperity.
  2. Governing requires engaging with diverse ideas, considering evidence, and compromising for effective legislation.
  3. Emphasizing the significance of win-win strategies over winner-take-all approaches in addressing complex issues.
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TK News by Matt Taibbi β€’ 6843 implied HN points β€’ 01 Mar 24
  1. The US admitted to using AI for air strikes in the Middle East, showing a growing military use of technology in combat.
  2. Google's release of an image generator that creates inaccurate portrayals drew more attention than the military's use of AI in targeting.
  3. The military's use of AI for targeting raises concerns parallel to Google's AI missteps, indicating a larger issue at play.
Simplicius's Garden of Knowledge β€’ 5110 implied HN points β€’ 11 Feb 24
  1. The author has written over 1 million words in a year, equivalent to more than 10 novels, showing a high output of well-researched content.
  2. The report delves into Ukraine's potential to turn the conflict around and the strategies of the US and allies to catch up in the evolving modern battlefield.
  3. The author's previous articles on Russia's offensive strategies provide valuable insights into the current state of the conflict and future developments.
2nd Smartest Guy in the World β€’ 3970 implied HN points β€’ 30 Jan 24
  1. Bill introduced in New Hampshire to prevent deliberate geoengineering activities like cloud seeding and stratospheric aerosol injection.
  2. Weather modification history includes declassified projects like 'Project Popeye' during the Vietnam War.
  3. There have been a large number of weather modification-related patents issued since the ban on military use in 1978.
Common Sense with Bari Weiss β€’ 3700 implied HN points β€’ 02 Feb 24
  1. America responded to an Iran-backed militia drone strike by approving strikes against Iranian targets in Iraq and Syria to show military might.
  2. Biden surprised many by stating he would shut down the U.S.-Mexico border due to record-breaking migrant encounters, including individuals on the FBI terror watch list.
  3. One strategy to reduce coverage is to release important information on a Friday afternoon, as seen with the delayed release of December's border patrol data.
Richard Hanania's Newsletter β€’ 1877 implied HN points β€’ 04 Mar 24
  1. US foreign policy successes are often less visible than failures, making it important to acknowledge both aspects
  2. American military presence in South Korea has helped maintain peace by deterring North Korean aggression
  3. Engaging in discussions with hostile regimes, like North Korea, can provide valuable insights into their intentions
imetatronink β€’ 4324 implied HN points β€’ 22 Dec 23
  1. Russian air defenses have demonstrated the ability to shoot down most types of strike missiles from the US/NATO.
  2. US/NATO precision-guided systems provided for Ukraine are the best they have, but not enough against Russian defenses.
  3. Pentagon must realize that conventional strike missile packages may not assure success against Russian defenses.
Caitlin’s Newsletter β€’ 1550 implied HN points β€’ 04 Mar 24
  1. Military operations are used to test new war machinery, putting human lives at risk for the benefit of empire managers and the military-industrial complex.
  2. Gaza is being used as a testing ground for military robots and autonomous weapons systems, raising concerns about dehumanization and widespread killing.
  3. The practice of using conflict zones like Gaza, Ukraine, and Africa as testing grounds for new weapons and technology is common, allowing for improvements and profit in the global arms industry.
Chartbook β€’ 1187 implied HN points β€’ 17 Mar 24
  1. The war in Ukraine showcases Russia's significant advantage in missile production compared to Europe and the US.
  2. Russia's ability to sustain high levels of missile output is linked to its strategic importation of advanced CNC machines, particularly from the West and China.
  3. The Rhodus Intelligence report reveals the complex dynamics of Russia's military production surge, showcasing the importance of machine tools and imports in modern missile manufacturing.
Sarcastosaurus β€’ 1985 implied HN points β€’ 11 Feb 24
  1. The West's failure to supply enough artillery ammunition to Ukraine has led to Russian advances with adapted assault tactics, exploiting their advantage in resources.
  2. General Syrsky assumed command of ZSU in Kyiv, taking steps like rushing reserves to Avidiivka and making strategic appointments.
  3. The situation in Avidiivka is critical, with intense air strikes by the Russian Air-Space Force supporting a ground attack, putting Ukrainian positions at risk.
Caitlin’s Newsletter β€’ 1010 implied HN points β€’ 19 Mar 24
  1. Don't equate the violence of the oppressor with the violence of the oppressed. The oppressor is the ultimate source of violence from both sides.
  2. The oppressor has moral responsibility for both their violence and the violence of the oppressed. Ending oppression will lead to a cessation of violence.
  3. The focus should be on demanding the oppressor to stop being violent and oppressive, as they are the cause of the violence. The violence of the oppressor is a cause, while the violence of the oppressed is an effect.
Perspectives: Past, Present, and Future, by Patrick Wyman β€’ 2535 implied HN points β€’ 16 Jan 24
  1. Evil acts are easily normalized throughout history by ordinary people.
  2. Ambitious rulers and conquerors had ordinary individuals as underlings to enforce their will and commit abhorrent acts.
  3. In various historical campaigns of mass violence, ordinary individuals can become willing participants in horrific acts under certain circumstances.
Alexander News Network -Dr. Paul Elias Alexander's substack β€’ 2299 implied HN points β€’ 15 Jan 24
  1. 231 current and former U.S. service members want military leaders court-martialed over forced COVID vaccines
  2. The declaration highlights concerns about corruption and failures in key institutions like the Department of Defense
  3. Military leaders are accused of infringing on laws, rights, and religious freedom with the COVID-19 vaccine mandate
imetatronink β€’ 3262 implied HN points β€’ 11 Dec 23
  1. Article 5 in NATO is not as effective in practice as it may seem in theory.
  2. Despite being part of NATO, many countries may not be willing or able to engage in real war situations.
  3. A potential conflict with Russia could have significant repercussions on global politics and military strength.
Geopolitical Economy Report β€’ 1076 implied HN points β€’ 02 Mar 24
  1. The US approved the sale of the Link 16 system to Taiwan as a key step in completing a 'transnational coalition kill chain' against China for potential war.
  2. Link 16 system enables coordination between various military platforms and forces, including sea, air, land, nuclear bombers, fighters, satellites, and more, positioning Taiwan as a critical link in the potential war offensive against China.
  3. US's preparations for war involve dispersed, network-centric warfare strategies focused on surrounding China with allies, further facilitated by military sales like Link 16, indicating a push towards a multifront war approach.
imetatronink β€’ 4107 implied HN points β€’ 27 Oct 23
  1. The United States is amassing a large naval force in the eastern Mediterranean, Red, and Arabian seas, along with NATO nations and submarines.
  2. A significant military buildup indicates a potential impending conflict, likely targeting Iran and its allies.
  3. There is a high risk of conflict escalation, particularly considering the involvement of Russia and the strategic bases in Syria.
Classical Wisdom β€’ 1945 implied HN points β€’ 12 Jan 24
  1. Gaius Marius was a significant figure in ancient Roman history who rose to power through unconventional strategies and populist support.
  2. Marius's actions led to the downfall of the Roman Republic as his rise to power and seizure of dictatorial powers shook the traditional Roman political structure.
  3. The rivalry between Gaius Marius and Sulla, and the subsequent civil wars, disrupted the balance of power in the Roman Republic and ultimately contributed to its demise.
Simplicius's Garden of Knowledge β€’ 7802 implied HN points β€’ 04 Jul 23
  1. Zelensky may be planning a falseflag at the ZNPP to galvanize NATO members before the summit.
  2. Western MSM articles are discussing the potential fallout from a disaster at the Ukrainian nuclear plant.
  3. There are concerns about Russian forces massing around Kharkiv for a potential counterattack.
Simplicius's Garden of Knowledge β€’ 8176 implied HN points β€’ 21 Jun 23
  1. Russia's military evolution in modern warfare emphasizes the importance of smaller, dispersed formations to enhance survivability on the battlefield.
  2. Operational art doctrine bridges strategic objectives with tactical actions, allowing for more independent action among lower units in military operations.
  3. The modern battlefield dynamics call for synchronized effects and decentralized formations rather than traditional mass troop concentrations to ensure success in warfare.
Caitlin’s Newsletter β€’ 1285 implied HN points β€’ 08 Feb 24
  1. The US officials claim they are not at war with groups but keep bombing them in the Middle East.
  2. The Biden administration and US officials engage in contradictory behavior by denouncing conflicts while supporting aggressive military actions.
  3. The US demonstrates double standards by surrounding China with military presence while interpreting China's actions as aggressive, highlighting hypocrisy in global power dynamics.
Caitlin’s Newsletter β€’ 1853 implied HN points β€’ 09 Jan 24
  1. Many Westerners have a distorted view of airstrikes, believing them to be more civilized and humane than other forms of killing.
  2. There is a discrepancy in the language used by media to describe attacks based on whether they are done 'remotely' or close up.
  3. The use of military explosives in bombings causes immense suffering and should not be seen as less brutal or vicious just because they are carried out from a distance.
CDR Salamander β€’ 1650 implied HN points β€’ 18 Jan 24
  1. Large war at sea is inevitable and will have significant costs in terms of lives and resources.
  2. When war erupts, naval and air battles in the Pacific will be intense and potentially overwhelming.
  3. The historical context of war at sea highlights the challenging nature of such conflicts and the need for readiness and action.