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Genre Grapevine 78 implied HN points 20 Apr 23
  1. Twitter is facing challenges with its verification system and user experience.
  2. Alternative social media platforms like Mastodon, Hive, Post, and Tribel Social have not gained traction.
  3. Spoutible is emerging as a potential Twitter alternative with interactive features, but it's still new and not widely adopted yet.
More is Different 3 implied HN points 22 Jan 24
  1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia is the best first-line treatment for insomnia.
  2. Sleep medications can help with treatment-resistant insomnia but come with significant negative side effects and should not be used long term.
  3. Benadryl and doxylamine are common over-the-counter sleep aids with safety and efficacy concerns, potential for anticholinergic side effects and long-term safety issues.
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Boris Again 1 HN point 22 Apr 23
  1. Alternative AI models like Claude, Dolly V2, and Alpaca offer different features and prices compared to ChatGPT and GPT-4.
  2. Each model has its unique strengths and weaknesses, like speed, coherence, licensing restrictions, and price per token.
  3. While some models are self-hosted and free to access, others may require a request or have specific pricing structures.
Certo Modo 0 implied HN points 19 Sep 23
  1. Consider alternatives to Jenkins for new software projects due to limitations in plugin complexity.
  2. Evaluate your R&D department's expertise and resources to manage Jenkins installation and perform updates.
  3. Assess the security risks and maintenance requirements of Jenkins installations to prevent potential breaches.
Hazy Bridge 0 implied HN points 11 Jul 23
  1. Disposable trinkets and souvenirs as gifts are often cheap, meaningless, and environmentally harmful.
  2. Consider alternative gift ideas like experiences, personalized gifts, subscriptions, or charitable donations.
  3. For acquaintances, opt for neutral gifts like gift cards, consumable treats, office supplies, home decor, or books.