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The Honest Broker • 44184 implied HN points • 04 Mar 24
  1. Minimize reliance on scrolling and swiping interfaces to avoid falling into addictive traps engineered by tech companies.
  2. Rediscover real-world applications like learning skills and connecting with the community, which provide personal empowerment and genuine experiences.
  3. Immerse yourself in longer, immersive experiences like listening to music or engaging in rituals to break free from the shallow stimuli of modern technology.
Noahpinion • 18882 implied HN points • 27 Feb 24
  1. The rise of new technologies like smartphones and social media has presented democracies with a formidable opponent in the form of techno-totalitarian regimes.
  2. China employs a strategy of 'sharp power' to manipulate foreign entities and influence global affairs, utilizing tactics like espionage, social media manipulation, and economic coercion.
  3. China's unique totalitarian approach extends beyond its borders to control the narrative about China, influence the diaspora, and emphasize supremacy of ethnicity over citizenship, posing a new challenge for democracies and liberal principles.
Noahpinion • 15235 implied HN points • 09 Mar 24
  1. Consumer sentiment may not always align with economic fundamentals like interest rates or unemployment, showing the influence of 'vibes' and media narratives.
  2. Tokyo and Seoul have a unique city development pattern with gradually sloping density, allowing for more people without feeling crowded, achieved through upzoning suburbs and excellent train systems.
  3. The age of energy abundance is upon us as technologies like solar power and batteries become cheaper, alongside increased fossil fuel drilling in the U.S.
TK News by Matt Taibbi • 13143 implied HN points • 07 Mar 24
  1. The Internet is transitioning from a space of free exchange to one of top-down control over information and narrative.
  2. Alternative ways of distributing dissenting ideas are becoming necessary due to digital suppression of politically undesirable content.
  3. It's crucial to raise awareness about the challenges to freedom of speech and find new ways to share truth in the face of increasing control over information.
The Honest Broker • 7879 implied HN points • 15 Mar 24
  1. TikTok's success can be attributed to a strategic focus on teens as the main users of the platform, creating a significant legal and social impact.
  2. Zhang Yiming, founder of TikTok, capitalized on the algorithm's power over user control to pave the way for the platform's global success.
  3. TikTok's uniqueness lies in its outsider status in China, where a similar app exists, showcasing its worldwide appeal and massive user base.
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Big Technology • 18639 implied HN points • 12 Jan 24
  1. WhatsApp is experiencing significant growth in the United States, with a 9% increase in daily users in 2023.
  2. Many Americans are now turning to WhatsApp as their go-to messaging app, avoiding the blue vs. green bubble debate.
  3. This surge in popularity is attributed to the influence of Tim Cook and strategic planning efforts.
Noahpinion • 13411 implied HN points • 07 Feb 24
  1. There are signs of Americans pushing back against the divisive thinking of the past decade, with small acts like a country music singer performing a duet to bridge divides.
  2. Political leanings between young men and women may not be diverging as dramatically as suggested by viral charts, indicating a need to be cautious with data interpretations.
  3. Unions and semiconductor companies have found ways to cooperate, showing that determined industrial policy can overcome labor disputes with significant financial incentives.
Big Technology • 17388 implied HN points • 05 Jan 24
  1. Snapchat+ is a popular AI-powered subscription service with generative AI features.
  2. The success of Snapchat+ shows that generative AI may be best as a feature within existing apps rather than standalone products.
  3. Generative AI technology is being utilized to enhance user experiences and could be a new revenue stream for companies.
Webworm with David Farrier • 11301 implied HN points • 05 Feb 24
  1. With the rise of AI-generated content and misinformation, we are losing the ability to distinguish reality from fiction on social media.
  2. Our online experiences are increasingly filled with unrealistic and manipulated images and stories that shape our perceptions.
  3. There is a growing concern that the blurred lines between reality and non-reality online are impacting important real-world decisions and behaviors.
Platformer • 12755 implied HN points • 12 Jan 24
  1. Platformer has decided to move off of Substack and migrate to a new website powered by Ghost
  2. The decision was influenced by concerns over how Substack moderates content and promotes publications
  3. Substack faced controversies over hosting extremist content, leading to Platformer's decision to leave for a platform with more robust content moderation policies
Big Technology • 10007 implied HN points • 19 Jan 24
  1. Apple's Tim Cook unintentionally became a key asset for Meta through various business moves.
  2. Apple's Vision Pro launch helped boost Meta's mixed reality efforts by establishing it as a category.
  3. Apple's ad tracking restrictions unintentionally harmed Meta's competitors, giving Meta an advantage in the advertising space.
The Honest Broker • 23970 implied HN points • 22 Sep 23
  1. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are becoming hostile towards writers, leading many to leave.
  2. Substack and similar platforms are providing alternative models that support writers and creators more effectively.
  3. The economics of social media platforms prioritize generating revenue from ads and scrolling, making it challenging for long-form content like articles to thrive.
The Audacity. • 5621 implied HN points • 09 Feb 24
  1. Social media can often be a place where sincerity dies, with people sharing their struggles and miseries.
  2. There is pressure to always appear okay, even though many people are dealing with isolation and various problems.
  3. Despite progress in discussing mental health, there are still challenges like expensive therapy and inconsistent insurance coverage.
Big Technology • 9632 implied HN points • 22 Dec 23
  1. Generative AI will advance in 2024 with new capabilities like better conversation retention and reasoning.
  2. The year 2024 is predicted to be significant for mixed reality advancements, integrating AI avatars and assistants.
  3. Tech industry forecasts include Elon Musk selling X, Meta's market cap reaching $1 trillion, and NVIDIA facing increased competition.
Freddie deBoer • 3618 implied HN points • 04 Mar 24
  1. The book delves into how algorithms have fundamentally reshaped human aesthetic production online and offline.
  2. Algorithms heavily influence culture and trends, even extending to architecture and interior design.
  3. The author addresses the challenge of standing out in today's saturated creative landscape shaped by algorithms, emphasizing the importance of navigating and adapting to the digital environment.
The North Star with Shaun King • 4599 implied HN points • 06 Feb 24
  1. Shaun King was banned from Instagram for thanking Yemen for trying to stop the genocide of Palestinians.
  2. Meta's decision sets a dangerous precedent by deleting Shaun King's account and preventing any appeal.
  3. Shaun King stands by his support for Yemen and Palestine despite the unjust ban from Instagram.
Freddie deBoer • 5844 implied HN points • 15 Jan 24
  1. Web 2.0 principles underlying online platforms can be toxic and damaging to journalism and media.
  2. The pressure for individuals in the reporting and opinionating business to be on Twitter created a culture where tweeting was perceived as necessary for existence in the industry.
  3. Twitter and similar constant mass-broadcasting services can lead to peer pressure, conformity, and hinder independence of thought in journalism and commentary.
The Popehat Report • 4611 implied HN points • 30 Jan 24
  1. The Popehat Report is moving to Beehiiv, a different platform for blogs and newsletters.
  2. Ken White made the decision to switch platforms for several reasons, including the opportunity for design changes and a more 'bloggy' feel.
  3. The new platform will allow for easy subscription management and Ken White will still be present on Substack as a co-host on Serious Trouble.
Hung Up • 5444 implied HN points • 15 Jan 24
  1. Selena Gomez announced a social media break but only lasted 18 hours, showing that celebrities can be just like us in not sticking to resolutions.
  2. Julia Roberts' recent British Vogue cover shoot captures her glamour and self-assuredness, reminiscent of '90s icons.
  3. Yasiin Bey (fka Mos Def) commented on Drake's music being suitable for malls, sparking thoughts on how certain artists and genres naturally align with specific environments.
The Intrinsic Perspective • 25658 implied HN points • 07 Jun 23
  1. Stop striving to create a perfect social media site - it's an unachievable goal.
  2. New social media platforms may start off well, but they often succumb to the same issues as existing ones.
  3. Human nature and the dynamics within social media make it challenging to design a platform that avoids negative behavior.
After Babel • 2883 implied HN points • 22 Feb 24
  1. Content moderation is essential, but focusing solely on it overlooks larger issues related to the harmful effects of platforms on kids
  2. The harmful impact of social media on children is not just about the content they consume, but also about the changes in childhood due to excessive screen time
  3. Implementing norms like delaying smartphones until high school could help in restoring a healthier, play-based childhood for kids
TK News by Matt Taibbi • 22417 implied HN points • 13 Apr 23
  1. The project to uncover Twitter Files revealed a complex and organized system of content policing involving various government agencies and tech platforms.
  2. Suspension of journalist accounts for sharing information about Elon Musk's private jet highlighted the tensions between free speech and censorship.
  3. Elon Musk's involvement in the transparency of Twitter was met with conflicting reactions, ultimately leading to unexpected clashes with platforms like Substack.
Erin In The Morning • 4127 implied HN points • 23 Jan 24
  1. Chaya Raichik, creator of Libs of TikTok, was appointed to make schools safer but her posts led to violent threats.
  2. Raichik's appointment to the Library Media Advisory Committee has sparked controversy due to her history of targeting LGBTQ+ individuals.
  3. Despite criticism, Oklahoma Superintendent Ryan Walters supports far-right influencers and causes, impacting LGBTQ+ policies in the state.
Culture Study • 2654 implied HN points • 23 Feb 24
  1. Emails, texts, and messaging apps can make us worse at maintaining deep friendships by offering false comforts and distractions that replace meaningful connections.
  2. Efficiency in emails and texts is important, but it's crucial not to let these tools take over our lives and prevent us from engaging in activities we truly value like hanging out with friends or pursuing hobbies.
  3. The goal is to communicate in more present and meaningful ways, where our attention isn't constantly divided. Finding a balance between digital communication and real-life interactions is key.
The Intrinsic Perspective • 18314 implied HN points • 09 Jul 23
  1. The internet's idea of a centralized 'town square' is no longer feasible due to fundamental differences in people's worldviews.
  2. When individuals have too much control over speech without oversight, it often leads to corruption and abuse of power.
  3. The rise of new platforms like Threads and shifts in social media dynamics reflect a fragmentation of the 'town square' into multiple platforms with differing moderation policies and user bases.
Astral Codex Ten • 2340 implied HN points • 26 Feb 24
  1. Some users who were supposed to be unbanned were not truly unbanned, leading to a need for them to reach out to get it fixed.
  2. Substack acknowledges issues with page and comment loading speed, with plans to improve that in the future.
  3. GPT-6's training might require only 0.1% of the world's computers, according to Ben Todd's findings, a significant discrepancy from previous estimations.
Webworm with David Farrier • 2496 implied HN points • 11 Feb 24
  1. Animals are being tortured on Facebook, with hundreds of thousands of accounts engaging with the content.
  2. Facebook's algorithm plays a significant role in serving disturbing content to users, leading to increased engagement.
  3. Despite efforts to report and remove the content, issues of animal abuse videos on Facebook are still prevalent and widely accessible.
The Great Gender Divergence • 2751 implied HN points • 27 Jan 24
  1. Men and women tend to think alike in close-knit, interdependent, religious communities where conformity is encouraged.
  2. Economic frustration, social media filter bubbles, and cultural entrepreneurs are driving gendered ideological polarisation in economically developed and culturally liberal societies.
  3. Shared cultural production and mixed-gender friendships can help suppress the gender divide.