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Nonzero Newsletter 282 implied HN points 26 Jan 24
  1. AI is impacting politics with deep fakes and bots as force multipliers.
  2. Nuclear and renewables are increasing in global electricity output, reaching 46% by 2026.
  3. Efforts are made to broker a deal in Gaza for hostages and to address the genocide claim against Israel.
Anxiety Addiction & Ascension 39 implied HN points 20 Mar 23
  1. Deep fake technology keeps improving and may soon create videos that are indistinguishable from reality, raising concerns about misinformation and manipulation.
  2. The rise of deep fakes adds complexity to the challenge of discerning truth from fiction, contributing to a post-truth era dominated by subjective realities.
  3. The potential consequences of flawless deep fake technology could escalate societal disarray, potentially leading to increased conflict and war.


The Nibble 12 implied HN points 28 Oct 23
  1. AI and technology are constantly evolving, like GPT-4 reaching a plateau
  2. New initiatives and organizations are emerging in the field of AI safety, like the Frontier Model Forum
  3. There are developments in using blockchain for AI compute and image generation, like AI on Blockchain
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Joshua Gans' Newsletter 0 implied HN points 17 Nov 23
  1. Generative AI models can create deepfake content that looks real, leading to misinformation during elections.
  2. People are likely to become more skeptical of information due to the prevalence of AI-generated misinformation, which could reduce the impact of fake content on changing minds.
  3. Organizations capable of identifying and promoting truthful content may gain trust in a world filled with misinformation, but polarization in news sources could hinder their effectiveness in swaying voter preferences.