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The Ankler • 550 implied HN points • 23 Jan 24
  1. Netflix's film strategy is unclear, making it difficult to assess success or failure.
  2. The departure of Scott Stuber from Netflix may signal a shift in corporate priorities or leadership perspectives.
  3. The role of Head of Film at Netflix is a significant one, with implications for industry impact and decision-making power.
The Ankler • 353 implied HN points • 06 Feb 24
  1. Spotify has over 600 million users but is still facing financial losses.
  2. The NFL's expansion for the 2024 season includes a Friday game from Sao Paulo, Brazil, which is a creative move to utilize a calendar loophole.
  3. Apple TV+ is releasing a lineup of 16 scripted and documentary series within a 16-week timeframe, similar to HBO's strategies over three years.
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diabolical • 157 implied HN points • 07 Sep 23
  1. Star Wars franchise is suffering from relentless mediocrity in its recent content.
  2. Quality over quantity is crucial in saving Star Wars and other entertainment franchises.
  3. Hollywood is facing major challenges due to the shift towards streaming platforms and needs to prioritize content excellence over profit-driven decisions.


The Nibble • 12 implied HN points • 28 Oct 23
  1. AI and technology are constantly evolving, like GPT-4 reaching a plateau
  2. New initiatives and organizations are emerging in the field of AI safety, like the Frontier Model Forum
  3. There are developments in using blockchain for AI compute and image generation, like AI on Blockchain
SJF • 0 implied HN points • 29 May 23
  1. Soundscapes Radio is a series of music composed by the author while living in Tokyo.
  2. Composing music quickly and without doubt helped the author improve their skills.
  3. The author learned mixing and mastering by working on 600 minutes of music for Soundscapes Radio.