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Force of Infection β€’ 94 implied HN points β€’ 22 Jan 24
  1. Influenza-like illness activity decreased across all age groups and regions, with improvements in hospitalizations as well.
  2. COVID-19 activity is starting to decrease, supported by various indicators like hospitalizations and test positivity.
  3. RSV trends are showing improvement with a decrease in positivity rates, especially in vulnerable age and ethnic groups.
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Joshua Gans' Newsletter β€’ 0 implied HN points β€’ 10 Jul 21
  1. The world is conducting experiments to understand how to manage the pandemic going forward, with examples like the UK, US, Ontario, NSW, and Japan.
  2. Some experiments, like those in NSW and Japan, may not be as informative due to factors like low vaccination rates and existing management tools.
  3. The US experiment is particularly valuable, as it can provide insights on how outbreaks in one state with low vaccination rates can affect other states with higher vaccination levels.