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Newcomer 353 implied HN points 09 Feb 24
  1. JPM, Stifel, and Lead Bank will be speaking at the Newcomer Banking Summit on March 14 in San Francisco.
  2. The event will feature speakers like Jackie Reses, Melissa Smith, and Matt Trotter.
  3. The summit will delve into the impact of the Silicon Valley Bank crisis, the changing landscape of banking for startups, and the future of financial technology companies and banks.
Altered States of Monetary Consciousness 240 implied HN points 07 Dec 23
  1. Innovation trends are often blindly followed in mainstream scenes, driven by systemic forces.
  2. The CBDC debate is influenced by the inertia of the global capitalist system and the push towards automation.
  3. CBDC discussions involve various justifications like financial inclusion, cross-border payments, and adapting to the 'spirit of the times.'
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James Ledbetter's FIN 0 implied HN points 11 Feb 24
  1. Noncompete clauses hinder innovation and restrict employee mobility. Banning them can lead to greater innovation and job opportunities.
  2. PayPal's days of rapid growth are over, facing challenges like loss of active users and slowed innovation. A new CEO seeks to steer the company to future growth.
  3. Various fintech news include European Parliament passing a measure for faster money transfers in the euro zone, a startup fundraising to prevent fraud in real estate transactions, and a lawsuit seeking $3 billion from Digital Currency Group and Gemini Trust for alleged cryptocurrency scheme fraud.