Mimir's Well

Mimir's Well, by Mark McNeilly, explores the impacts and ethical considerations of generative AI across various domains including employment, education, technology strategy, and societal changes. It discusses the balance between human and AI capabilities, the role of cross-domain thinking in innovation, and preparations for potential geopolitical conflicts.

Generative AI Cross-Domain Thinking Future of Education AI and Society Technology Strategy Human-AI Interaction Geopolitical Tensions Marketing Strategies Philosophy and Ethics Employment Trends

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78 implied HN points • 31 Jul 23
  1. Generative AI will disrupt education by impacting the value of university degrees and increasing alternative credentialing options.
  2. Professors bring irreplaceable value to students through curriculum design, domain knowledge, pedagogy, mentoring, and career guidance.
  3. Universities offer unique value like the college experience, credentialing, career training, alumni networks, and extracurricular activities that AI cannot replicate.
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19 implied HN points • 26 Feb 23
  1. Companies are not adequately preparing for a potential war with China despite rising tensions.
  2. A 'White Swan Event' describes a probable but impactful event that organizations fail to prepare for.
  3. The implications of a Sino-American war are extensive, including financial losses, supply chain disruptions, and humanitarian crises.
19 implied HN points • 12 Feb 23
  1. Elon Musk and Socrates engage in a dialogue on free speech and Twitter.
  2. Elon Musk expresses the importance of free speech and its role in civilization.
  3. Twitter's evolving approach to free speech includes deboosting and demonetizing hate speech.
19 implied HN points • 06 Feb 23
  1. The Coming AI Utopia envisions a future with machines driving phenomenal wealth and changing how humans live.
  2. Concept of Neo-Nihilism questions the purpose of life when machines can outthink, outperform, and outcreate humans.
  3. Understanding military uses of balloons and the challenges in the dating market for single women are important societal topics.
0 implied HN points • 10 Apr 23
  1. The post shares a collection of memes about AI.
  2. Some of the memes are original creations by the author.
  3. The memes humorously depict various concerns and implications of AI technology.