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Wetware Snippets • 5 implied HN points • 11 Mar 24
  1. Modularization is key in project management. Breaking down a large project into repeatable modules simplifies delivery.
  2. Different projects have distinct distribution patterns, impacting their likelihood of success. Thin-tailed distribution projects are more likely to be on time and budget.
  3. Lessons from the book can be applied to personal projects like kitchen renovation or holiday planning. It's a valuable read for project managers and those tackling significant endeavors.
Maximum Tinkering • 39 implied HN points • 12 Aug 23
  1. The accessibility of Pickleball makes it popular - it's a sport that is easier to play for a wider range of people compared to other sports.
  2. The lollapalooza effect, where multiple factors combine to create an unexpected outcome, is seen in the rise of Pickleball's popularity.
  3. Social proof plays a role in the success of Pickleball and other consumer products - seeing others enjoy something can influence individuals to try it.
Mimir's Well • 19 implied HN points • 01 Apr 23
  1. Marketing guru Seth Godin's 'Purple Cow' approach focuses on making a remarkable product to attract buyers.
  2. OpenAI's success with ChatGPT was due to its natural interface, simplicity, and free accessibility.
  3. Integrating ChatGPT into other firms' products not only generates revenue for OpenAI, but also reduces their processing costs.
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