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5 implied HN points 11 Mar 24
  1. Modularization is key in project management. Breaking down a large project into repeatable modules simplifies delivery.
  2. Different projects have distinct distribution patterns, impacting their likelihood of success. Thin-tailed distribution projects are more likely to be on time and budget.
  3. Lessons from the book can be applied to personal projects like kitchen renovation or holiday planning. It's a valuable read for project managers and those tackling significant endeavors.
5 implied HN points 17 Apr 23
  1. Attention residue is the cognitive holdover from a previous task, impacting focus and productivity
  2. Attention residue can lead to decreased productivity, reduced focus, mental fatigue, and increased stress levels
  3. To tackle attention residue, practice digital offloading, seek a sense of completion, set transition rituals, and create a worry list
4 implied HN points 27 Jun 23
  1. Boredom can lead to creativity and innovation by allowing the mind to wander freely.
  2. Facing boredom can help in self-discovery and emotional growth by encountering suppressed thoughts and feelings.
  3. Unplugging and embracing boredom can nurture creativity, as solitude and silence provide fertile ground for new ideas.
4 implied HN points 24 Apr 23
  1. The availability heuristic relies on the ease with which information comes to mind when making decisions.
  2. Factors like emotional intensity, novelty, recency, repeated exposure, and personal relevance can influence the availability heuristic.
  3. Understanding the interplay between availability heuristics and confirmation bias can lead to more balanced thinking and decision-making.
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2 HN points 18 Jul 23
  1. Sharing your goals can trick your brain into feeling a fake sense of accomplishment, reducing motivation.
  2. Sharing goals can lead to diluted focus and misdirection as social reality may alter the original intention.
  3. Not everyone will support your goals, so choose wisely whom you share them with and consider the impact on your journey.
1 HN point 28 Aug 23
  1. Having books in sight increases the chances of reading more.
  2. An unread book collection symbolizes the vast knowledge yet to be explored.
  3. Owning a physical library serves as a tool to nurture curiosity and shared family culture.