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In My Tribe • 592 implied HN points • 03 Feb 24
  1. GDP is not the best indicator of the economy's health, especially due to factors like healthcare spending.
  2. GDP measures economic activity in markets, which includes specialization and trade.
  3. GDP changes are most meaningful when observed over long periods, not short-term fluctuations.
Points And Figures • 266 implied HN points • 28 Feb 24
  1. CryptoWinter is over, as indicated by the strong performance of Coinbase stock and Bitcoin hitting $60k per token.
  2. Bitcoin is viewed more as a speculative instrument than a hedge against inflation or store of value, and the thawing of purse strings among crypto VCs suggests a positive shift.
  3. The emergence of physically deliverable crypto-assets, like on Bitnomial, underlines the potential for improved risk management in the crypto market, but the absence of widely used applications built on crypto remains a concern.
Intercalation Station • 707 implied HN points • 09 Jan 24
  1. Sodium-ion battery technology has potential cost advantages and safety improvements but faces challenges in integration and market scale.
  2. Li-ion will likely continue to dominate the energy storage market by 2030, and the need for medium to long duration storage solutions is being assessed.
  3. Addressing material limitations in energy storage requires improved material sourcing, supply chain transparency, economic considerations, technical challenges, and community support.
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The Ankler • 314 implied HN points • 08 Feb 24
  1. The post discusses the financial performance of Disney under Iger's leadership
  2. Details about different sectors of Disney's business like streaming, TV, movies, India, and theme parks are provided
  3. Updates on movie projects involving Margot Robbie, Celine Song, Colin Farrell, Michael B. Jordan, and Jason Bateman
The GameDiscoverCo newsletter • 373 implied HN points • 17 Jan 24
  1. There is debate about whether the 'moral panic' around the latest game subscription services is justified.
  2. Subscription services like Game Pass are seen as gatekeeping and may impact the creation of creative first-party games.
  3. The market for games is evolving, with a mix of direct-to-market games, subscription services, and the importance of gamers owning their catalogs.
The GameDiscoverCo newsletter • 196 implied HN points • 31 Jan 24
  1. In China, PC games are discovered through popular themes and genres like prison break planning and Wuxia-style RPGs.
  2. Key Chinese services for game discovery include platforms like Bilibili and Douyin, similar to YouTube and TikTok.
  3. Game developers can boost player engagement by giving away in-game cosmetics through personalized codes.
Without Warning • 235 implied HN points • 17 Jan 24
  1. Private credit may offer stability due to duration-matched investments and reduced leverage in the banking system.
  2. Money moving into private credit doesn't necessarily reduce overall leverage in the system; just shifts it around.
  3. Private credit's growth can help banks manage capital risks and liquidity challenges, allowing for retranching and reduced regulatory capital requirements.
CalculatedRisk Newsletter • 43 implied HN points • 13 Mar 24
  1. The current housing market inventory is increasing year-over-year but remains below pre-pandemic levels.
  2. New listings for existing homes were up 11.3% year-over-year in February according to the report, showing a positive trend.
  3. Factors like the '3 D’s' (Death, Divorce, Disease), unemployment, and financial considerations affect homeowners' decisions to sell their homes, impacting market dynamics.
Pekingnology • 33 implied HN points • 18 Mar 24
  1. Improved censorship and fewer restrictions on TV and film content could make Chinese TV more attractive and boost TV set sales
  2. Chinese TV market is shrinking despite significant advancements in high-definition display technology
  3. Suggestions by Li Dongsheng focus on enhancing content attractiveness, encouraging non-governmental investment, and leveraging new technologies to revitalize the cultural film and television industry
High ROI Data Science • 176 implied HN points • 23 Jan 24
  1. Success in the new work world requires being forward-looking and prescriptive, not just reacting to trends.
  2. Manufacturing luck involves positioning early in emerging trends to have more opportunities and be better prepared.
  3. To stay relevant, focus on upskilling in areas that align with future trends and combine vision, follow-through, and productivity.
Newcomer • 1808 implied HN points • 31 May 23
  1. Venture capital supports unsustainable models to achieve scale, like with tech giants Apple, Google, and Amazon.
  2. Companies like Uber and Airbnb, initially fueled by VC funding, now face challenges as they struggle with profitability.
  3. VC funding has fueled a culture of excessive capital consumption, leading to concerns about sustainability and the future of innovation.
The SaaS Baton • 137 implied HN points • 17 Jan 24
  1. Market timing is critical for SaaS success; observe new technologies, shifts in build vs buy mindset, new classes of workers, and distribution channels to catch the right market wave.
  2. Product-Market Fit (PMF) is gradual and multi-step; look for early signals like interest in identified problems, prototype feedback, and product usage.
  3. To build a viral social media presence for SaaS, focus on entertaining content, avoid vanity metrics, design shareable paths, trust creators, and don't obsess over tracking social metrics.
Chinarrative • 216 implied HN points • 10 Dec 23
  1. University graduates in China are turning to food delivery jobs due to a tough job market and economic situation.
  2. More educated individuals, including college graduates, are entering the food delivery sector, causing an oversupply of labor and decreasing salaries.
  3. The phenomenon reflects broader employment issues in China, showing a need for improved support from educational institutions and a larger, more diverse job market.
Business Breakdowns • 530 implied HN points • 12 Sep 23
  1. The TFF Group is a resilient company with more than a century of family ownership and vertical integration.
  2. Resilience in business means prioritizing longevity over short-term gains, owning the entire supply chain for longevity, and maintaining profitability during downturns.
  3. Studying companies like TFF Group, which focus on resilience, provides valuable insights into strategies for long-term success.
benn.substack • 711 implied HN points • 21 Jul 23
  1. Tech acquisitions can be risky due to various challenges like incompatible technology stacks and cultural differences.
  2. Strategic fit doesn't guarantee success in acquisitions, as seen in the example of Sisense buying Periscope.
  3. Future success in the modern data suite industry may depend on adapting to AI advancements and evolving customer needs.


Venture Prose • 519 implied HN points • 21 Aug 23
  1. YC-backed companies' valuations have significantly increased over the past years due to market conditions and increased capital availability.
  2. When investing in startups, it's crucial to have access to top founders, win deals, and diversify your portfolio with at least 20 deals to maximize returns.
  3. High valuations and early-stage startup frenzy can sometimes lead entrepreneurs to lose sight of the core values and essence of their journey.
Venture Prose • 539 implied HN points • 13 Aug 23
  1. Venture capital world has become overly competitive, leading to deals made without proper diligence or due consideration.
  2. Consensus in the industry spreads rapidly, leaving founders vulnerable to hype and unfounded opinions.
  3. Investors often don't provide enough guidance or mentorship to young founders, leaving them to run companies without sufficient support.
The Data Score • 59 implied HN points • 06 Feb 24
  1. The health of the US consumer in 2024 is complex, influenced by both tailwinds and headwinds, with different consumer cohorts showing varied spending behaviors.
  2. Low-income consumers are spending a higher percentage of their income on e-commerce, indicating potential shifts in spending habits influenced by factors like age demographics and value-seeking behavior.
  3. Analysis of specific industries like travel, home improvement, pet products, and fast fashion reveals changing consumer behaviors, highlighting trends such as a shift to home-related spending and considerations for subscription services like online streaming and pet supply shopping.
Mindset Value • 393 implied HN points • 20 Sep 23
  1. Institutional investors have not yet significantly entered the cannabis space, despite recent positive industry developments.
  2. Institutions will focus on understanding unit economics and demanding better disclosure from cannabis companies before investing.
  3. Growth, balance sheet risk, and interstate commerce concerns are some key factors institutions will weigh before entering the cannabis market.
The GameDiscoverCo newsletter • 393 implied HN points • 13 Sep 23
  1. Unity announced changes to its game engine license pricing model based on 'number of installs of your game'.
  2. Unity's engine business for PC/consoles is less important financially compared to its mobile ads/mediation division.
  3. The new pricing model by Unity has caused dissatisfaction among developers, especially PC and console developers.
Asian Century Stocks • 314 implied HN points • 04 Oct 23
  1. The author read 14 write-ups in September from sources like Value Investors Club and Substack.
  2. They believe and China Tower may be undervalued, while Ossia International and Ming Fai may have potential upside.
  3. There are concerns about Midea's exposure to the Chinese property market, but the company's strong market position and growth indicate potential resilience.