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Have You Played? 58 implied HN points 07 Feb 24
  1. Episode XOXO is a game with interactive stories centered on romance and with different story conventions.
  2. The game's choices may have little impact on the plot, but its approachability and ease make it popular and profitable.
  3. The stories in Episode XOXO are designed for quick engagement, but may reflect traditional stereotypes and are influenced by monetization.
The GameMakers Letter 137 implied HN points 17 Jan 24
  1. Monopoly GO seems to be a successful mobile game, generating significant revenue and downloads
  2. The concept of profitability in free-to-play games can be complex, with various factors influencing true financial performance
  3. There may be discrepancies in claims of profitability, as success in the game industry can be evaluated differently
The GameDiscoverCo newsletter 314 implied HN points 26 Jun 23
  1. Steam's June Next Fest featured around 1,000 PC game demos with various top performers in different categories.
  2. Important points were highlighted in the ongoing FTC vs. Microsoft case, including PlayStation's role in Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda and Activision's revenue split tactics.
  3. Recent game platform and discovery news include Meta's VR subscription service, Nike's collaboration with Fortnite, and insights on Chinese game approvals.
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SuperJoost Playlist 1 HN point 06 Oct 23
  1. Platforms dominate the top of the games industry, with 8 out of 10 largest firms being platforms in 2022.
  2. Platforms have grown much faster in revenue compared to publishers, with a compound growth rate of 17% versus 2% respectively.
  3. Successful game studios are expected to bypass platforms, build their own communities, and focus on engaging their fanbase.