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ohayo 3 likes 26 May 23
A few things that have inspired me lately and what I've been working on..
ohayo 2 likes 12 May 23
The theatrical art form known as ‘Noh’ dates back to the 14th century in Japan. Typically there are no words spoken in Noh theatre, so the masks do the heavy lifting of portraying emotions and personalities. These masks are important for helping the audience understand the nuances of the characters.
ohayo 1 likes 12 May 23
Good morning.. A little bit about what this is and what it will be.
ohayo 0 likes 11 May 23
It’s been a pretty long time since Forté #5 (6 years, 8 months and 14 days actually), but I thought I’d give it another shot. I always love…
ohayo 0 likes 29 May 23
I'm currently in the midst of re-mastering old episodes of Soundscapes Radio.
ohayo 0 likes 24 May 23
Ryuichi Sakamoto’s final playlist that he was compiling to be played at his own funeral to accompany his own passing. This morning I was searching through this gorgeous collection of tracks for some inspiration for a couple of tracks I’m working on.