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The Lunacian 828 implied HN points 17 Jan 24
  1. Origins Season 7 is live with intense battles and a Hybrid Leaderboard system offering over $640,000 in rewards
  2. Increased AXP in Origins allows for faster leveling of axies, with added AXP Booster for quicker gains
  3. Collectible Leaderboards and new items like Runes and Charm Boxes enhance the season grind for players
The Art of Enchantment, with Dr Sharon Blackie 1178 implied HN points 27 Aug 23
  1. The post is about crafting from the land and its stories, emphasizing a connection to nature and folklore.
  2. The author discusses their practice of working with fabric, ink, and found objects, highlighting a handcrafted and creative approach.
  3. The content is available for paid subscribers only, with a mention to subscribe for access to more posts.
Doc Hammer's Anvil 275 implied HN points 11 Jun 23
  1. The author shared about making tiny Christmas hammers for their children using spring steel and oak wood handles.
  2. They also worked on creating an ax from a circular saw blade and steel strap, giving it to their dad as a display piece.
  3. Lastly, the author moved to a new place and engaged in projects like crafting door latches and long squirrel cookers with the help of their daughter.
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Ladyparts 239 implied HN points 24 Jan 23
  1. Peggy Orenstein decided to change her life by shearing a sheep, which led her to confront new challenges and thoroughly enjoy the process.
  2. The story highlights the importance of embracing new experiences and finding joy in the journey rather than focusing solely on the outcome.
  3. The concept of 'the sandwich generation' refers to individuals with both elderly parents and young children, navigating the complexities and responsibilities of caregiving.
Into the Hedge 39 implied HN points 07 Oct 23
  1. Natural dyeing from plants often results in brown hues despite the colorful nature of the raw materials - this is due to scientific reasons that are hard to pinpoint.
  2. Although there are more efficient and precise synthetic dyes available, working with natural dyes can be more enjoyable and reflective of the environment.
  3. Despite the challenges and abundance of other dye options, exploring the variety of browns from natural sources can be an exciting and rewarding process.
SJF 39 implied HN points 12 May 23
  1. Noh masks in Japan date back to the 14th century and play a crucial role in conveying emotions and personalities in Noh theatre.
  2. Artisans who craft Noh masks utilize traditional techniques and hand tools like chisels, saws, gouges, and knives to create intricate pieces.
  3. Nakamura Mitsue demonstrates the detailed process of fashioning Noh masks from a solid block of wood, showcasing 40 years of skill and expertise.