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David Lebovitz Newsletter 171 likes 01 Sep 22
Greetings from les vacances. After a, um, rather lengthy spring and summer (and winter), enfin—we took a break. People in France are either juillettistes or aoûtiens, depending on whether they take their vacations in July or August (some do both!), but for a variety of reasons, we left Paris in late August and are out and about in September, which is actually nice because the problem with everyone taking their vacations at the exact same time is that everything is crowded and even beach-shack burger joints require reservations, often five to seven days in advance. And at the weekly summer festival in the village where we are staying, ordering from one of the food trucks requires a one-hour wait to get your burger or pizza. And the village ain’t that big… Fortunately, the wine is served immediately, and copiously.