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engineeringprompts 10 likes 05 May 23
It's not ChatGPT - it's "open source" LLaMA. In this short post, we'll take a quick look at the mind-boggling pace of developments.
engineeringprompts 2 likes 10 May 23
Large language models are easily confused if you're not clear about what you want from them. We'll look at a simple way of dealing with this, and briefly explore the challenges of "prompt injections".
engineeringprompts 1 likes 22 May 23
Three publications in recent weeks show the breakneck pace at which AI advances. Here's a selection of three developments that are very noteworthy.
engineeringprompts 0 likes 30 May 23
Large language models will give you better answers if they are clear about what role they should take on in a conversation. This can be incredibly useful, especially in ongoing conversations.