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plan your writing, revising, and pitching with the month's astrology. new & full moon writing horoscopes, monthly interviews with writers about spirituality, and more.

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astrology for writers 16 likes 29 Jun 22
Hi all, This one took a minute. A head’s up that it’s about Roe, and Cancer energy, and how we show up for each other. Also, just a reminder that my signature course Astrology for Writers: How to Make Your Writing Work for You is currently available for immediate download for the next two weeks only.
astrology for writers 6 likes 13 Jun 22
Hi everyone, A few quick announcements! First: the much-loved Astrology for Writers: How to Make Your Writing Work For You course is dropping soon! Joining the waitlist is the best way to make sure you don’t miss the announcement. And also! For those following along with
astrology for writers 1 likes 01 Jul 22
July 1: Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn Today is one of those “there are two wolves inside you” days, as the Indigenous tale here in North America goes, where it’s your choice as to which wolf you feed. There may be a tough corner where conflict or frustration comes your way, but whether that yields an opportunity for creative learning and growth or yet another spiral:
astrology for writers 0 likes 22 Jun 22
Blending astrology with the business of writing is what we’re here for — and the course that helps you do that in your everyday life is back. For the next 3 weeks, my popular course, Astrology for Writers: How to Make Your Writing Work For You, is open and available for immediate download.