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Kevin’s Newsletter 10 likes 26 Sep 22
Video link The “abolish girls’ sports” story came in too late for this week’s FFWN with Mike Springmann—watch it above and check out the links to the stories we covered. But I’m sure Cat McGuire, who’s something of a feminist herself, and who wipes the floor with most male competition as a freedom activist and commentator, will have plenty to say about it
Kevin’s Newsletter 9 likes 15 Sep 22
By Kevin Barrett, for the forthcoming issue of American Free Press After a tumultuous birth on September 11th, 2001, and an eventful childhood and adolescence, the 9/11 truth movement has reached the traditional age of majority. (Yes, I know that 18-year-olds are now considered adults in most states, but that’s more a reflection of the escalating immaturity of the overall population than the wisdom and maturity of the average 18-year-old.)