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459 implied HN points 09 May 24
  1. When public companies solicit shareholder votes, they must provide accurate and complete information in proxy statements to avoid being misleading or false.
  2. Tesla's April 17 proxy statement has critical flaws, such as omitting details about the DOJ investigation into Tesla's self-driving claims and failing to disclose pertinent information about Kathleen Wilson-Thompson's ties to the company.
  3. Legal challenges are expected regarding Tesla's attempt to reinstate Musk's 2018 compensation plan, especially due to deficiencies in the proxy statement.
758 implied HN points 21 Apr 24
  1. Tesla's recent actions have caused a shift in sentiment for the worse, leading to skepticism and concern about the company's future.
  2. The attempt to restore Musk's 2018 compensation package is under scrutiny and may face legal challenges, impacting Tesla's financial standing.
  3. Questions surrounding Tesla's Model 2 development, autonomy achievements, robotaxi plans, earnings, staff departures, and production decisions are crucial for understanding the company's direction.
459 implied HN points 29 Apr 24
  1. The NHTSA's report exposed Musk and Tesla's false claims about Tesla's safety and autonomous driving capabilities.
  2. Personal injury and class action attorneys may benefit from the NHTSA findings against Tesla, possibly leading to legal action.
  3. Tesla's Autopilot system has shown significant flaws according to the NHTSA, potentially impacting safety and engagement of drivers.
36 HN points 13 May 24
  1. The Tesla board attempted to 'ratify' Musk's 2018 options package instead of granting a new one due to legal challenges and potential losses for the company.
  2. Creating a new stock options grant for Musk would lead to massive expenses for Tesla and put the company in financial jeopardy.
  3. Musk does not want a new package as the prospects for Tesla's stock price growth have diminished, making a new reward less appealing, and also resulting in potential tax issues for him.
279 implied HN points 09 Apr 24
  1. Restoring Musk's 2018 compensation package could lead to lawsuits for breach of fiduciary duty and corporate waste
  2. Tesla's current business environment in 2024 is different, with increased competition and decreased public interest in electric vehicles
  3. Musk's tactics to boost Tesla's share price were unsustainable, leading to a declining market cap and questionable promises that were left unfulfilled
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159 implied HN points 22 Apr 24
  1. Tesla robotaxis may not be a feasible reality, according to informed commentators. Full Self-Driving is far from being ready for autonomy tests.
  2. Michael McGrath explains why Tesla's Full Self-Driving is technically infeasible and flawed as a business model, offering a critical perspective.
  3. Matthew Enthoven and Edward Niedermeyer also provide valuable insights and critiques on Tesla's autonomous driving ambitions.
219 implied HN points 12 Apr 24
  1. Attorneys' fees in legal cases can be substantial, with requests reaching billions of dollars, setting new records
  2. Tesla may face implications in its stock price due to potential sale of awarded shares, creating a significant influence on the market
  3. The _Tornetta_ decision could result in a significant earnings windfall and raises questions about the fundamental duty of a board of directors in improving shareholder value
499 implied HN points 21 Apr 23
  1. The author is moving away from Twitter to focus on writing about various subjects like Tesla, energy policy, music, and more.
  2. The author expresses discontent with current political situations and ideologies, rooting for individual freedom and less government interference.
  3. There is a strong support for aiding Ukraine in its fight for freedom against Russia and the author advocates for US intervention to weaken Russia and send a message to China.
0 implied HN points 21 Apr 23
  1. A new Substack newsletter by Lawrence Fossi is coming soon.
  2. The Substack link is
  3. The newsletter post invites readers to subscribe and share the upcoming content.