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Webworm with David Farrier • 10299 implied HN points • 05 Jan 24
  1. An artist was asked to make posters for a Pearl Jam tour but was offered an unusual form of payment.
  2. There were mixed reactions from artists who had similar deals with bands like Pearl Jam, with some feeling undervalued.
  3. The case raises questions about fair compensation for artists and the value of their work, sparking a conversation about artist payment standards.
lawrence’s Substack • 36 HN points • 13 May 24
  1. The Tesla board attempted to 'ratify' Musk's 2018 options package instead of granting a new one due to legal challenges and potential losses for the company.
  2. Creating a new stock options grant for Musk would lead to massive expenses for Tesla and put the company in financial jeopardy.
  3. Musk does not want a new package as the prospects for Tesla's stock price growth have diminished, making a new reward less appealing, and also resulting in potential tax issues for him.
Elena's Growth Scoop • 766 implied HN points • 22 Dec 23
  1. Interim roles offer flexibility for both employers and employees in fast-changing industries like tech.
  2. Finding an interim role may not be as straightforward as finding a full-time position, but it can be converted from existing opportunities with a specific focus or through a contract-to-hire approach.
  3. Compensation for interim roles should consider benefits, be a mix of cash and equity, and aim to match or exceed full-time market rates for specialized expertise.
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The Radar • 59 implied HN points • 29 Mar 24
  1. Amazon shocked managers with a pay freeze despite record profits and successful quarters, damaging trust and morale.
  2. The pandemic revealed the dedication of Amazon managers, who now feel undervalued due to frozen pay based on share price fluctuations.
  3. Amazon's leadership actions risk eroding trust and confidence, raising questions about their motives, behaviors, and commitment to mutual benefit.
The Radar • 119 implied HN points • 18 Feb 24
  1. Companies tend to become challenging places to work as they grow bigger, often losing sight of the importance of trust and human connection.
  2. Balancing leadership, management, and administrative duties is crucial for organizational success. Executives must prioritize transparency and authenticity to maintain a positive culture.
  3. Having genuine values and treating employees with respect is more impactful than merely pretending to have values. Transparency and fair treatment are key to retaining a motivated workforce.
Kyle Poyar’s Growth Unhinged • 631 implied HN points • 26 Jul 23
  1. Sales compensation design involves understanding company goals, seller profiles, and using compensation to drive desired behaviors.
  2. Components of a sales compensation plan include OTE, base salary, variable comp, quota, quota attainment, and more.
  3. When designing a sales compensation plan for a PLG business, consider business goals, roles needed, best practices, and behaviors to incentivize.
How They Make Money • 707 implied HN points • 24 Mar 23
  1. Stock-Based Compensation (SBC) is a remuneration strategy where companies reward employees with equity interests.
  2. SBC affects investors through ownership dilution, alignment of interests, and impact on company performance.
  3. There are different types of SBC such as stock options, restricted stock units, and performance shares, each with unique characteristics and implications.
Supernuclear • 275 implied HN points • 06 Oct 23
  1. The Supernuclear newsletter is looking for submissions about coliving experiences, paying up to $250 per submission.
  2. They are specifically interested in case studies about coliving communities, living near friends or family, tips and tricks for shared living, and disaster tales.
  3. Submissions must be original, high quality, and based on direct experiences with coliving or living near friends.
Gordian Knot News • 161 implied HN points • 08 Nov 23
  1. In the US, the response to nuclear accidents is governed by the Price Anderson Act and American tort system
  2. The Secondary Financial Protection under Price Anderson can lead to mandatory post-casualty assessments on nuclear plants
  3. INPO, a self-regulation inspection service, influences the safety culture of nuclear plants by focusing on preventing costly accidents
Lessons • 255 implied HN points • 20 Jul 23
  1. Designing a startup's compensation philosophy is crucial when the company reaches around 50 employees.
  2. Compensation decisions impact people's lives, perpetuate bias, and affect a startup's financials.
  3. Key principles for designing a compensation philosophy include market-based pay, formulaic approach, and pay for performance.
Science Forever • 159 implied HN points • 19 May 23
  1. Universities are facing challenges regarding the compensation of their trainees, leading to unionization efforts.
  2. Graduate students are advocating for fair compensation as they contribute significantly to research efforts and are considered full-time employees.
  3. The financial strain on universities due to demands for better compensation for graduate students is a significant issue in higher education.
Safe For Work (SFW) • 7 implied HN points • 13 Mar 24
  1. Employees often undervalue their equity in startup companies, leading to a lack of motivation and missed opportunities for potential financial gain.
  2. Startup leaders need to openly and honestly discuss equity with employees to help them understand its value and make informed decisions about their compensation.
  3. Engaging with the emotional aspects of equity and providing guidance on how to value it can lead to better employee motivation, productivity, and retention in tech startups.
Dan’s Substack • 2 HN points • 19 Apr 24
  1. Salespeople being paid commissions is a common practice, but it can lead to various recurring problems like high turnover and internal disputes.
  2. Research suggests that higher incentives, like commissions, can actually reduce performance in some cases, which is a counter-intuitive result.
  3. The debate over sales commissions reflects two different views of worker motivation: Theory X, where employees are seen as lazy and need external rewards, and Theory Y, where workers are viewed as self-motivated and thrive on autonomy.
Lessons • 58 implied HN points • 05 Aug 23
  1. When implementing a compensation system for startups, focus on simplicity to ensure sustainability.
  2. Establish centralized control to maintain the integrity of the system and avoid potential errors.
  3. Key steps for initial implementation include creating/updating leveling system, designing compensation philosophy, and mapping employees to new levels and bands.
SFEDup • 58 implied HN points • 02 Jun 23
  1. San Francisco Unified School District employs more certificated staff per thousand students compared to most other districts in the state.
  2. San Francisco has the smallest elementary schools and highest percentage of small schools among Bay Area districts.
  3. San Francisco spends more on teacher compensation than most districts, primarily due to employing more teachers and providing benefits to retired teachers.
Technology Made Simple • 79 implied HN points • 21 May 22
  1. Golden handcuffs are financial incentives designed to keep employees with a company for a specific period by offering benefits like stock options.
  2. Companies use golden handcuffs to retain good talent, align employee incentives with company success, and when cash flow is limited.
  3. Considerations when dealing with golden handcuffs include potential stock value fluctuations, public vs. private company shares, and evaluating companies for true value amidst market hype.
Joshua Gans' Newsletter • 0 implied HN points • 27 Jan 24
  1. Copyright issues arise with AI training models because of the potential use of copy-protected content by generative AI providers.
  2. Fair use is a complex concept involving the balance between free speech, copyright protection, and the implications for AI training.
  3. An economic argument suggests that balancing creator rights with AI innovation can be achieved through a system that compensates content creators for lost profits due to AI use.
baobabnewsletter • 0 implied HN points • 05 May 23
  1. There is debate on whether the Star of Africa, a 530-carat diamond in the UK, should be returned to South Africa.
  2. The diamond is part of historical colonialism and holds cultural significance for South Africa.
  3. Opinions are divided, some call for the return as a symbol of heritage, others believe it's no longer relevant.