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How They Make Money 727 implied HN points 09 Feb 24
  1. Meta (META) reported strong Q4 FY23 performance with a 5X return from November 2022 lows, focusing on Metaverse investments and cash returns to shareholders.
  2. Key points from Meta's 'Playbook' include massive compute investment, open-source strategy, future-focused research on AI, data utilization, and an experimentation culture.
  3. In Q4 FY23, Meta saw growth in user metrics and revenue, with an increase in average revenue per user, surpassing competitors like Snap and Pinterest in ARPU.
Mule’s Musings 295 implied HN points 24 Aug 23
  1. Nvidia exceeded expectations with its Q2 earnings, surpassing revenue and EPS estimates.
  2. There is uncertainty about the sustainability of Nvidia's growth due to potential overordering and demand shifts.
  3. Nvidia's competitive advantage lies in its architecture, installed base, reach, and rapid engineering, positioning them as a dominant force in the tech ecosystem.
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