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PETITION 2456 implied HN points 28 Jan 24
  1. The post discusses underperforming retailers like The Container Store Inc. ($TCS) specializing in storage solutions.
  2. The Container Store Inc. is known for its premium pricing compared to competitors for products like coat hangers and laundry baskets.
  3. The company's history involves acquisitions by PE firm Leonard Green and Partners LP and an IPO in 2013.
ESG Hound 866 implied HN points 05 Jul 23
  1. Enovix Management has repeatedly misled customers about their manufacturing capabilities and volumes.
  2. Management at Enovix made significant downgrades to their production capacity without updating investors.
  3. ENVX has exhibited a pattern of dishonesty through inaccurate statements to investors and regulatory agencies.
Business Breakdowns 530 implied HN points 12 Sep 23
  1. The TFF Group is a resilient company with more than a century of family ownership and vertical integration.
  2. Resilience in business means prioritizing longevity over short-term gains, owning the entire supply chain for longevity, and maintaining profitability during downturns.
  3. Studying companies like TFF Group, which focus on resilience, provides valuable insights into strategies for long-term success.
Mindset Value 353 implied HN points 05 Oct 23
  1. New Jersey has limited licenses for cannabis companies, leading to high prices and lower quality products.
  2. Grown Rogue is entering New Jersey with their high-quality, low-cost cannabis, potentially disrupting the market.
  3. Grown Rogue's operational excellence and efficiency position them as a valuable investment opportunity in the cannabis industry.
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A Letter a Day 275 implied HN points 10 Jun 23
  1. Good investment ideas can come from unexpected sources, like a round of golf or a casual conversation.
  2. Successful investments often share common traits that aren't found through traditional stock screens.
  3. Applying specific filters, such as assessing risk and uncertainty, evaluating management decisions, and understanding company culture, can help in identifying valuable investment opportunities.
Guasty Winds Investment Ideas 157 implied HN points 24 Mar 23
  1. Presto Automation (PRST-US) is a loss-making, debt-ridden company that is struggling and may not survive without external financing.
  2. The company's core business of selling touch-screen tablets to restaurants is not profitable and faces challenges from cheaper alternatives like QR codes.
  3. Despite touting itself as an AI company, Presto's AI products are white-labeled and its financial situation is concerning, with high debt, low cash, and burning through cash at a fast rate.
Jonah’s Growth Stocks 0 implied HN points 21 Jan 24
  1. Jonah's Growth Stock Deep Dives offers detailed insights for paid subscribers on Spotify and other investment opportunities.
  2. Spotify ($SPOT) had an IPO in April 2018 with varying stock prices and market performance.
  3. Deep dive content on Spotify covers aspects like business model, competitive advantages, risks, and valuation, aimed at aiding investment decisions.
e/alpha 0 implied HN points 04 Oct 23
  1. GPU suppliers are poised for growth due to the increasing demand for AI capabilities, with companies like NVDA and AMD showing promising potential for investment.
  2. Companies like TSM and GOOG have competitive offerings in the AI chip market, but may not be the best fits for immediate allocation due to various factors such as revenue sources and product availability.
  3. Investors are closely watching industry suppliers like ASML and Camtek who play key roles in the AI chip supply chain, indicating potential growth opportunities in these sectors.
Spilled Coffee 0 implied HN points 09 Mar 24
  1. Investors continue to feel comfortable investing in stocks as the market remains near all-time highs with positive trends.
  2. The economy is not slowing down; in fact, it's accelerating with strong signs of growth ahead according to experts like Apollo's Torsten Slok.
  3. US stock allocations are at their highest level since November 2021, with retail investors being net sellers but overall optimism in the market.
Jonah’s Growth Stocks 0 implied HN points 04 Mar 23
  1. NU is a company with an IPO date of December 9, 2021, at $9.00 per share.
  2. NU has a market cap of $23.1 billion with a 52-week high of $8.47 and a 52-week low of $3.26.
  3. NU has positive net cash/debt of +$3.42 billion and an average analyst price target of $7.20, which is 45.7% higher than the current stock price.