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Sarah Bessey's Field Notes explores faith, personal growth, and social justice through essays, book recommendations, and reflections on everyday life. Themes include embracing ordinary moments, challenging societal despair, and transformative understanding of spirituality. The newsletter fosters community conversation and offers resources like a book club and podcast.

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1926 implied HN points 30 Jan 24
  1. Friends can offer clarity and healing in our lives.
  2. Creating homemade shrines can be a powerful way to mark our journeys and remember significant moments.
  3. Acknowledging how far we've come and recognizing God's presence in our lives is important, even in the wilderness.
1690 implied HN points 16 Jan 24
  1. The author is offering a preorder bonus for their new book, Field Notes for the Wilderness, which includes videos and endorsements.
  2. The author is trying a new approach for the book launch by making videos with their face and voice to engage their audience.
  3. Preorders are important for authors, as they demonstrate demand and can support marketing efforts for the book.
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3144 implied HN points 21 Feb 23
  1. Revivals can hold deep significance in shaping one's spiritual life, but may not always have lasting impact.
  2. Experiencing doubt and humility can lead to personal revivals that are more profound than traditional revivals.
  3. The search for revival should involve reflection, understanding biases, and a focus on justice and positive change.
1257 implied HN points 05 Sep 23
  1. The author's favorite genre of television involves kind and capable individuals in a gentle competition.
  2. The post shares autumn favorites such as movies, music, recipes, and more.
  3. The author discusses the upcoming Evolving Faith conference, highlighting the sense of community and growth it offers.
2162 implied HN points 28 Feb 23
  1. Attending university fairs can be a significant moment in a child's life
  2. Watching children grow up can be a bittersweet experience for parents
  3. Encouraging children's independence while letting them grow can be challenging yet rewarding
845 implied HN points 21 Mar 23
  1. Early access to Evolving Faith tickets is available for Field Notes subscribers as a thank you for their support.
  2. Evolving Faith offers a space for healing, connection, and collective exploration of beliefs.
  3. The Evolving Faith 2023 event features a diverse lineup of speakers and offers both online and in-person ticket options.
746 implied HN points 07 Feb 23
  1. Practicing goodness is important, especially during difficult times.
  2. There are ways to help the victims of tragedies like the earthquake in Turkey and Syria through various organizations.
  3. The post also includes recommendations for movies, music, books, recipes, and updates on the author's new book.