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Sarah Bessey's Field Notes 1690 implied HN points 16 Jan 24
  1. The author is offering a preorder bonus for their new book, Field Notes for the Wilderness, which includes videos and endorsements.
  2. The author is trying a new approach for the book launch by making videos with their face and voice to engage their audience.
  3. Preorders are important for authors, as they demonstrate demand and can support marketing efforts for the book.
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Shades of Greaves 157 implied HN points 16 Oct 23
  1. The author has published a book called 'Spoilers: Essays That Might Ruin Your Favorite Hollywood Movies', which has had an exciting reception.
  2. The author is actively promoting the book through events like book launches, signings, and readings.
  3. The author plans to share insights and data on the self-publishing process in a series called 'The Numbers', aiming to help other self-published authors.
Category Pirates 176 implied HN points 15 Jun 23
  1. Join a free webinar on how to Frame, Name, & Claim a Category on June 22, 2023.
  2. Get practical tools and insights to create, dominate, and redefine markets through category design.
  3. Receive an AI Worksheet as a bonus for attending the webinar, helping you apply category design principles effectively.