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Both Are True • 344 implied HN points • 05 Mar 24
  1. Rom-coms are not dead, they are alive and thriving, often reflecting real-life moments of love and connection.
  2. Relationships can have quirky and unique beginnings, like meeting on the set of a film and starting a flirtatious interaction through a phone prank.
  3. Love stories often have unexpected twists, like the moment of realization and confession that sets the stage for the next act in the romantic journey.
The Ankler • 550 implied HN points • 23 Jan 24
  1. Netflix's film strategy is unclear, making it difficult to assess success or failure.
  2. The departure of Scott Stuber from Netflix may signal a shift in corporate priorities or leadership perspectives.
  3. The role of Head of Film at Netflix is a significant one, with implications for industry impact and decision-making power.
Animation Obsessive • 3498 implied HN points • 05 Jun 23
  1. Cartoon Saloon created a visually stunning four-minute sequence in 'On Love' within the film 'The Prophet'.
  2. The project was made possible by a Hollywood production of 'The Prophet' without a screenplay or director attached, allowing indie teams like Cartoon Saloon to participate.
  3. The success of 'On Love' paved the way for Cartoon Saloon's larger projects, including 'Wolfwalkers'.
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The Shift With Sam Baker • 519 implied HN points • 07 Sep 23
  1. Cancel culture is seen as 'silly' by Woody Allen, especially for powerful white middle-aged/elderly men who often escape being canceled.
  2. At the Venice Film Festival, directors accused of sexual misconduct have been given platforms and even standing ovations, raising questions about who gets multiple chances in the industry.
  3. The industry's treatment of powerful middle-aged/elderly white men accused of wrongdoings highlights disparities in who receives forgiveness or opportunities for redemption.
Workforce Futurist by Andy Spence • 97 implied HN points • 19 Jul 23
  1. Recent strikes in the media industry highlight workers demanding fair pay and protections
  2. Negotiations involve issues such as minimum pay, AI image rights, and compensation for training AI models
  3. The industry may need new business models to address equity, flexibility, and autonomy for workers
Some Unpleasant Arithmetic • 4 implied HN points • 05 Apr 23
  1. The film industry is prioritizing big budget spectacles over creativity, resulting in low output and little interest.
  2. There is a trend of exhaustion with the current state of movies, with audiences craving new and innovative content.
  3. The history of the film industry shows cycles of innovation, exhaustion, and reinvention, suggesting a potential new realignment in the future.
Links I Would Gchat You If We Were Friends • 0 implied HN points • 01 Dec 14
  1. Winter holidays kick off with a surge in online shopping, despite potential misleading deals.
  2. The White House decorated digitally, Bitcoin enthusiasts hacked Disney World, and film retouching exposes Hollywood secrets.
  3. Online connections may not replace real connections; varied news blurbs introduce quirky topics from private jets for pets to left-handedness.
AI Disruption • 0 implied HN points • 07 May 24
  1. OpenAI's Sora is reshaping the film industry by releasing a video model that generates videos from text at a rapid pace.
  2. There are concerns that this advancement may lead to job losses in the film and television industry due to the significantly lowered barrier to entry for video production.
  3. Visual artists, designers, and filmmakers may face challenges as AI technology progresses and becomes more accessible for video creation.