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London in Bits explores various facets of London city through news, politics, arts, food, and personal experiences. It features stories on unique businesses, environmental concerns around technology, transformative urban initiatives, workplace conditions, cultural events, historical insights, and critiques of law enforcement and gentrification's impact on the city.

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609 implied HN points 07 Aug 23
  1. The London in Bits newsletter is taking a break, maybe forever, due to the editor's need to balance other life priorities.
  2. The editor is choosing to cancel all paid subscriptions for transparency and will refund recent subscribers.
  3. Readers are encouraged to explore other newsletters in the meantime and stay tuned for the possible return of London in Bits.
196 implied HN points 24 Jul 23
  1. Westminster Council is planning changes to improve Oxford Street, including more green spaces and pedestrian crossings
  2. Empty stores on Oxford Street are being offered to innovative brands on a rent-free basis for six months
  3. The Met Police is implementing a two-year plan to increase trust, reduce crime, and improve policing standards, including using the Cambridge Crime Harm Index to target offenders
196 implied HN points 22 May 23
  1. The working environment at Stringfellow's strip club was filled with intense competition and unethical practices among staff.
  2. The job entailed exploiting clients for money through various means like charging high prices for private dances and manipulating drink orders.
  3. Despite the allure of easy money, the work at the strip club led to a loss of self-identity and trust, highlighting the damaging effects of such environments.
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157 implied HN points 29 Jul 23
  1. The newsletter covers various events in London, including striking parking wardens, a new hotdog offering, and a skateboarding exhibition.
  2. There was a significant increase in subscribers due to positive feedback on Reddit.
  3. The newsletter features an interview with artist Max Colson and offers subscriptions at £5 a month or £50 a year.
137 implied HN points 03 Jul 23
  1. London has a large number of trees that need maintenance to provide essential services for the city.
  2. Most wood from felled trees in London is chipped or burned as biomass, but there's a growing interest in using it more positively.
  3. Companies like Fallen and Felled are repurposing London's wood to create furniture, highlighting the benefits of using local timber.
117 implied HN points 26 Jun 23
  1. The book 'Piccadilly: The Circus at the Heart of London' by Midge Gillies tells the story of Piccadilly Circus through the eyes of various individuals like flower girls, shop assistants, and celebrities.
  2. The author's interest in social history led to the book's clever structure with themes like entertainment, transport, and advertising interwoven throughout the chronological narrative.
  3. Piccadilly Circus is portrayed as a unique meeting place where people of diverse backgrounds gather, reflecting a history of social change and surprising stories like the Rainbow Corner and the Piccadilly Commandoes.
117 implied HN points 15 May 23
  1. The Met faced criticism for misfires in various incidents, including inappropriate arrests and handling of situations.
  2. There is a lineup forming for the Tory mayoral team, with candidates focusing on similar issues like crime, transport, and housing.
  3. Recent incidents involving the Met include a dog attack response, officers facing misconduct charges, and concerns over recruitment practices.
98 implied HN points 15 Jul 23
  1. Tube strikes in London will disrupt transport from July 23rd
  2. London is facing challenges with rising homelessness and water supply issues
  3. New developments like geothermal boreholes and upcoming restaurants are making waves in the city