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The Ankler 550 implied HN points 23 Jan 24
  1. Netflix's film strategy is unclear, making it difficult to assess success or failure.
  2. The departure of Scott Stuber from Netflix may signal a shift in corporate priorities or leadership perspectives.
  3. The role of Head of Film at Netflix is a significant one, with implications for industry impact and decision-making power.
The Ankler 353 implied HN points 06 Feb 24
  1. Spotify has over 600 million users but is still facing financial losses.
  2. The NFL's expansion for the 2024 season includes a Friday game from Sao Paulo, Brazil, which is a creative move to utilize a calendar loophole.
  3. Apple TV+ is releasing a lineup of 16 scripted and documentary series within a 16-week timeframe, similar to HBO's strategies over three years.
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Read Max 2150 implied HN points 03 May 23
  1. The author is on strike from their writing work due to concerns about changing compensation structures and exploitation in the entertainment industry.
  2. The strike aims to protect writers from exploitation by studios and streaming platforms, ensuring fair compensation and job stability.
  3. The Writers Guild of America is specifically addressing the potential impact of artificial intelligence on the writing profession during the negotiations.
The Ankler 923 implied HN points 07 Jul 23
  1. The Hollywood industry's writers are facing uncertainty about future work, impacting their ability to invest in real estate.
  2. The soaring real estate market prices in L.A. are making homeownership increasingly unattainable for writers and other entertainment professionals.
  3. The writer strike, combined with other factors like interest rates and taxes, is contributing to a slowdown in real estate transactions across Los Angeles.
diabolical 157 implied HN points 07 Sep 23
  1. Star Wars franchise is suffering from relentless mediocrity in its recent content.
  2. Quality over quantity is crucial in saving Star Wars and other entertainment franchises.
  3. Hollywood is facing major challenges due to the shift towards streaming platforms and needs to prioritize content excellence over profit-driven decisions.
London in Bits 196 implied HN points 22 May 23
  1. The working environment at Stringfellow's strip club was filled with intense competition and unethical practices among staff.
  2. The job entailed exploiting clients for money through various means like charging high prices for private dances and manipulating drink orders.
  3. Despite the allure of easy money, the work at the strip club led to a loss of self-identity and trust, highlighting the damaging effects of such environments.
The Entertainment Strategy Guy 0 implied HN points 22 Mar 23
  1. The top shows and films of 2022 reveal a dominance by Netflix in original content.
  2. Netflix has been increasing production of their own original content over the years, securing big hits like Stranger Things.
  3. Disney dominates the film charts with popular kids content, like Zootopia and Frozen, showing a trend towards family-friendly movies.
The Entertainment Strategy Guy 0 implied HN points 07 Jul 23
  1. The Streaming Ratings Report covers popular streaming TV shows and movies from 29th May to 11th June 2023.
  2. The success of theatrical releases like 'Avatar: The Way of Water' on streaming platforms shows the impact of cinema releases on viewership.
  3. Several major TV series, including 'Succession' and 'Ted Lasso,' ended their runs in May 2023.
The Entertainment Strategy Guy 0 implied HN points 04 May 23
  1. The UK's decision to block the Microsoft-Activision merger could impact future entertainment industry mergers.
  2. There is a bipartisan push for stronger antitrust laws to prevent monopolies and improve competition in all industries.
  3. Antitrust considerations are becoming crucial in evaluating potential mega-mergers in the entertainment business.
The Entertainment Strategy Guy 0 implied HN points 15 Feb 23
  1. The post lists over 140 TV show flops, bombs, and misses for the second half of 2022.
  2. The analysis covers multiple streaming platforms, highlighting notable failures and disappointments.
  3. Shows from various networks like HBO Max, Disney+, Paramount+, Netflix, Hulu, and Apple TV+ are mentioned for their underperformance.