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The Lunacian focuses on Axie Infinity, covering updates, economic strategies, in-game currencies, and community engagement. It details developments like SLP's policy changes, new tokens, seasonal competitions, partnerships to enhance accessibility, and gameplay enhancements. The platform aims for player inclusion, rewarding gameplay experiences, and strategic growth.

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736 implied HN points • 28 Feb 24
  1. Earn Axie Experience Points (AXP) in Homeland to enable axie evolution and dynamic NFTs by engaging in various activities like gathering, producing, crafting, constructing, upgrading, combining, and dismantling materials.
  2. There is a daily cap of earning up to 10,000 AXP per axie in Homeland, with the reset happening every 24 hours at 00:00 UTC.
  3. Assign your NFT axies to your land plots in Homeland to start earning AXP, and remember that the AXP earned is specific to each axie.
598 implied HN points • 02 Mar 24
  1. Guilds are being introduced to Axie Classic, creating a sense of community and allowing players to support each other, share tips, and celebrate successes.
  2. The Guild Update includes features like the Guild Axie Vault for sharing Axies and learning new strategies, as well as a Guild Treasury for sharing rewards and making the game more rewarding.
  3. The game is focusing on attracting web3 and Ronin gamers, establishing guilds to cater to different player types and implementing balancing efforts to enhance gameplay experiences.
1334 implied HN points • 05 Jan 24
  1. The new $PIXEL token will be the premium in-game currency for Pixels.
  2. Players can expect features like guilds, pet mints, and quality of life enhancements with $PIXEL.
  3. Participating in the Play-to-Airdrop 2.0 campaign can earn players a chance to receive $PIXEL tokens.
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460 implied HN points • 28 Feb 24
  1. Origins Season 7 Final Era is here, with only 7 days left. Top 8 players qualify for the Elite 8 tournament.
  2. Leaderboard rewards for the Final Era include 22,050 AXS and $262,000 in total prizing. Players have a chance to win cool avatars and a border.
  3. Quality of Life Updates for Origins include improvements like New mass disenchant UX and fixing the _Invisible Bug_ for mobile users.
828 implied HN points • 17 Jan 24
  1. Origins Season 7 is live with intense battles and a Hybrid Leaderboard system offering over $640,000 in rewards
  2. Increased AXP in Origins allows for faster leveling of axies, with added AXP Booster for quicker gains
  3. Collectible Leaderboards and new items like Runes and Charm Boxes enhance the season grind for players
506 implied HN points • 15 Feb 24
  1. RON cryptocurrency is now available on GCash, offering Filipinos more options to buy, sell, and hold RON in the Philippines.
  2. Regulatory challenges facing Binance in the Philippines may result in fewer onboarding options onto Ronin, so the partnership with GCash is important to offer a stable and compliant platform for users.
  3. To buy RON on GCash, users can log into the app, navigate to GInvest, click on GCrypto, top-up their crypto wallet using GCash, and look for RON, AXS, or SLP to start trading.
276 implied HN points • 07 Mar 24
  1. Axie Classic Guilds are now live, allowing players to create or join guilds for competitive advantages.
  2. Players can now deposit AXS and SLP, withdraw SLP, earn Contribution Points, and hire fellow Guild members' axies.
  3. Register for the Grand Tournament to accumulate Guild Points and climb the Guild Leaderboard, with prizes up for grabs.
276 implied HN points • 06 Mar 24
  1. Origins Season 7 Postseason is starting with new features like a collectible leaderboard, balancing changes, and tournaments with prize pools.
  2. Elite 8 players will battle on a livestream for the Season 7 crown, and rewards are based on Collectible Tickets earned by players.
  3. The upcoming Offseason will include Elite 8 Tournament, Season 8 Preseason with balancing changes, and a tournament with AXS prizes.
368 implied HN points • 20 Feb 24
  1. Axie Champions is a Match3 Puzzle game where you can play with your own axies and earn rewards. The game resembles Axie and involves strategy in team building for success.
  2. To play Axie Champions, download the game on Android, connect your Ronin Wallet, and start playing with your own axies. Earn off-chain CUBE rewards that can be exchanged for AXS.
  3. In Axie Champions, utilizing Affinity Advantages and proper team building is crucial. Understanding different Axie classes and their relationships enhances gameplay and victory chances.
276 implied HN points • 29 Jan 24
  1. Leadership and Accountability: Founders taking control of Homeland roadmap and committing to align development with community vision.
  2. AXS Rewards and Game Economics: Addressing issues with distribution of Play-to-Earn funds and enhancing balance in reward systems.
  3. Homeland Stabilization: Plans to fix bugs, remove unpopular mechanics, reintroduce leaderboards, and improve communication with community.
230 implied HN points • 31 Jan 24
  1. Rare Era winners are Poison-Sleep teams, a first for that comp in Origins.
  2. Epic Era offers higher rewards than Rare Era, with increased stakes and more intense battles.
  3. AXP issuance adjusted to reward players for hard work and skill in the Origins game.
138 implied HN points • 29 Feb 24
  1. Return to foundational Axie building principles: focus on iterative development, community involvement, social features, and cross-platform accessibility.
  2. Revamp Homeland gameplay by emphasizing social strategy, quicker gameplay, and reducing clicking for better user experience.
  3. Introduce combat elements, avatar axies for social interaction, AXP integration, and restructured Moonfall quests to enhance the player experience in Homeland.
230 implied HN points • 24 Jan 24
  1. Axie Infinity's Homeland Beta is now live, allowing players to cultivate land plots or become Stewards.
  2. New players can join Homeland by downloading the game on Mavis Hub, applying to become a Steward through the Land Delegation Marketplace, and starting to play upon acceptance.
  3. Gameplay in Homeland includes gathering materials, producing and crafting items, and engaging in Passive Adventure to equip NPC adventurers for battles.
92 implied HN points • 14 Feb 24
  1. Axie Infinity is addressing the issue of juggling in the game to ensure fairness and genuine achievement among players
  2. A new rule requires that axies used in the Arena during the last 3 days of an era must stay in the user's account until the era ends to be eligible for rewards
  3. Players are no longer allowed to juggle, borrow, or share axies as a shortcut to win against more competitive opponents
92 implied HN points • 01 Feb 24
  1. Nominate an NFT community to receive free Axies through the Community Onboarding Application
  2. Previous success with Rumble Kongs community receiving 200 free Axies
  3. Application takes less than a minute to complete
46 implied HN points • 05 Mar 24
  1. The Ancient Coin Bonanza event starts tomorrow and runs until March 20th. Invite collectible axies to your Homeland plot to earn special buffs on Ancient Coins.
  2. By participating in the event, players can earn additional Ancient Coins based on the type of collectible axies they invite to work. Different axie types provide varying percentage buffs.
  3. Ancient Coins are in-game coins that can be earned through various gameplay actions. They can be used to mint mAXS by spending Sapidae Coins.
46 implied HN points • 12 Feb 24
  1. 200 Axies are available for claiming by Cool Cats NFT holders for free on the secure onboarding platform.
  2. The Claim Axie NFTs offer will only be open for the next 2 weeks, so it's a time-limited opportunity.
  3. This initiative aims to welcome Cool Cats into the Axie world and learn more about their community through NFT claims.
0 implied HN points • 01 Feb 24
  1. Eight new badges introduced on App.Axie for achievements like part evolution and ascension.
  2. New activity and analytics tabs added to App.Axie for tracking floor price, owner distribution, and more.
  3. Ronin team updating address prefixes from ronin: to 0x for better Ethereum alignment.
0 implied HN points • 31 Jan 24
  1. Axie Classic has seen significant user engagement with over 218,900 unique users and 30.1 million battles fought since its comeback in 2023.
  2. Recent updates include the introduction of new features like Gold Chests, AXP cap increase, and GT2, with upcoming changes to AXP mechanics in February.
  3. Future developments for Axie Classic include the introduction of collectible axies, the Golden Wheel sticker set, Grand Tournament 3, and the addition of guilds.