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The Lunacian 506 implied HN points 15 Feb 24
  1. RON cryptocurrency is now available on GCash, offering Filipinos more options to buy, sell, and hold RON in the Philippines.
  2. Regulatory challenges facing Binance in the Philippines may result in fewer onboarding options onto Ronin, so the partnership with GCash is important to offer a stable and compliant platform for users.
  3. To buy RON on GCash, users can log into the app, navigate to GInvest, click on GCrypto, top-up their crypto wallet using GCash, and look for RON, AXS, or SLP to start trading.
Altered States of Monetary Consciousness 240 implied HN points 07 Dec 23
  1. Innovation trends are often blindly followed in mainstream scenes, driven by systemic forces.
  2. The CBDC debate is influenced by the inertia of the global capitalist system and the push towards automation.
  3. CBDC discussions involve various justifications like financial inclusion, cross-border payments, and adapting to the 'spirit of the times.'
Pekingnology 22 implied HN points 10 Feb 24
  1. China's digital yuan operates on a 'possession equals ownership' principle, serving both individuals and companies with a retail path, different from other wholesale digital currencies.
  2. The digital yuan does not compete with WeChat Pay or Alipay but complements them, ensuring privacy while complying with anti-money laundering regulations.
  3. The dual-layer structure of China's digital yuan, centralized management, and measures to prevent disintermediation help minimize impacts on monetary policy and ensure balance in the financial system.
The Upheaval 261 implied HN points 30 May 23
  1. The Gulf States are rapidly changing due to economic boom, attracting global wealth and talents, leading to potential reshaping of global liberalism.
  2. Central banks are pushing forward with the development of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) despite concerns over totalitarian state surveillance and control.
  3. Global trends suggest a shift towards stable authoritarian regimes with liberal elements, possibly leading to a new form of governance different from the West or China.
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The Joyous Struggle 197 implied HN points 14 Oct 22
  1. Technology and capitalism are intertwined, impacting our daily experiences and evolving our lived realities.
  2. Surveillance capitalism, based on data extraction and manipulation, can lead to a loss of personal control and invasion of privacy.
  3. The normalization of compulsory data sharing in society poses a threat to individual autonomy and shifts the balance from citizens to consumers.
Global Community Weekly (GloCom) 39 implied HN points 08 Apr 23
  1. Central Banks in the US and EU are moving towards digital currency to have control over people
  2. European Central Bank President admitted that a digital euro will be used for control over payments
  3. Prank video showed ECB President talking about limited control in digital euro and potential dangers
C.O.P. Central Organizing Principle. 6 implied HN points 17 Apr 23
  1. Electronic Jim Crow systems are being built in the US, affecting voting, currency, and surveillance.
  2. Historically, punishment for unlawful actions by politicians was reflected in election results.
  3. The spread of electronic control in ballot boxes poses a threat to democracy and civil society leaders.