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The Common Reader 1275 implied HN points 04 Mar 24
  1. Raye's story shows the importance of persistence and bravery in pursuing your passion, even if it means taking risks and going against the norm.
  2. Late bloomers like Raye may experience a period of exploration before transitioning to a phase of exploiting their talents, which is crucial for achieving success.
  3. The support of networks, hard work, and the courage to make significant changes are key elements that contribute to the success of late bloomers like Raye.
The Common Reader 1346 implied HN points 26 Feb 24
  1. Older individuals are demonstrating remarkable capabilities and contributing significantly in various fields like politics and work, highlighting the value of skills and experience brought by older people.
  2. Late bloomers are becoming more common, with individuals achieving success and recognition later in life, showcasing that age is not a limiting factor for pursuing passions or making significant contributions.
  3. Embracing and celebrating both young talent and older individuals can enrich and diversify achievements and contributions in society, demonstrating the importance of recognizing and nurturing talent across various age groups.
The Pick and Roll 19 implied HN points 27 Jan 24
  1. James Wang's journey from Taiwan to Sydney to professional basketball showcases the importance of hard work and persistence in pursuing dreams.
  2. The lack of Asian representation in the NBA, especially Chinese players, highlights challenges related to developmental focus on size versus modern game dynamics.
  3. Reflecting on the need for developing holistic basketball skills, like read and react decision making, to enhance the diversity and competitiveness in the sport.
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Very Fine Day 8 implied HN points 21 Mar 23
  1. The author ponders on the intersection of talent, art, and media.
  2. A significant part of the media industry relies on natural talents rather than academic backgrounds.
  3. Success in media, like in other arts, may involve hard work but also a touch of innate talent that sets some individuals apart.
Discovery by Axial 3 implied HN points 18 May 23
  1. Outsourcing marketplaces in life sciences have emerged with companies like Science Exchange providing trust and confidentiality for R&D services.
  2. Talent marketplaces are growing in the field of life sciences, with platforms like Clora matching consultants with companies and projects.
  3. Marketplaces for consumables and reagents (C&R) in life sciences offer opportunities for connecting suppliers and customers, such as Quartzy and Zageno.